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An Introduction to Art History - A Classical Approach to Art - Part IV Review by Katherine Bartlett

Part IV: The Renaissance, The Reformation, The 1600’s
Barry Stebbing
How Great Thou ART Publications
P.O. Box 48
McFarlan, NC 28102
1-800-982-DRAW (3729)

As my daughter is starting to get older, she’s developing a true love for art. Currently she takes art classes weekly at our local Arts Guild and she has already won some art awards for her age group. In her spare time, she paints and draws, and I want to embrace her love of art. So that’s why An Introduction to Art History - A Classical Approach to Art - Part IV by Barry Stebbing has become a part of our home-school.

An Introduction to Art History - A Classical Approach to Art - Part IV is a softcover workbook that is written for anyone who is wanting to study art.  In the front of the book, you have the introduction page which tells you how to complete your art lessons along with the recommended materials for the class. Each course has three sections which include Art Lesson Cards that you will do your lessons on. They are already hole punched to be able to be put into a binder too.

On the first week, you start by studying artwork on the Masterpiece Cards. Each day is written out for you inside the workbook and tells you exactly what you need to finish the lesson. The first day was about The Resurrection of Ancient Greece so you start by learning background. The first art lesson starts with fundamentals to art like shading and lines. You will complete lesson #1 on the Art Lesson Cards and it is like this for the entire course.

As the weeks go by, you’ll start adding to your binder to look back at your work. Each day you will complete an art lesson, learn background on the painter and look at one of their masterpiece paintings to explore their detailing.

Using the An Introduction to Art History - A Classical Approach to Art - Part IV workbook is easy. Normally each lesson will take about forty-five minutes to work through. In our home-school, we use a lesson per day for our five day home-school week.

You can purchase the softcover workbook for $25.95 on the website.

We used the workbook in our fourth grade home-school. I think this workbook is best suited for elementary age students up to even adults. We actually started using this product together with Mary and we have all been learning which is wonderful. I love that we can slow the pace if needed too.

My daughter really is enjoying An Introduction to Art History - A Classical Approach to Art - Part IV and she is learning about classic artists in a way I wouldn’t have been able to teach myself without the course.

The format of the workbook is simple too. It required no planning on my part other than seeing what lesson I was on in the book. I plan on finishing the book this year in our home-school before she goes into fifth grade!

-Product review by Katherine Bartlett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2018