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I Am Special CD Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Dr. Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore Enterprises, Inc.
(704) 491-4317
PO Box 33787
Charlotte, NC 28233

I Am Special, from Thomas Moore Enterprises, Inc., is a collection of songs that nurtures children's self-esteem and provides literacy skills reinforcement.  Dr. Thomas Moore did an awesome job of performing these engaging tunes filled with various teaching concepts for younger children.

This compact disc features 12 fun and creative songs, each designed to reinforce concepts that are taught to younger children in a homeschool or classroom setting.  “I Like Me” and “I Am Special” are self-confidence and self-awareness jingles that encourage children to identify body parts and can help them learn the names of others.  The lyrics are simple yet powerful and can easily be paired with scripture to reinforce that all God created is good and we should like ourselves.  “I Like Water” would be a good addition to a water cycle lesson while “High-Low” and “At the Easel” are unique, action filled songs that making moving and art all the more fun. I love that these songs can also be used as classroom transition ques in preparation for a different part of the day.

“Corn on the Cob” is the perfect song for introducing new foods and reviewing the names of previously tried fruits and vegetables.  “Make Myself Some Cookies” would be perfect to teach measurements and the lyrics can be changed for any dish or recipe.  “Alphabet Boogie” offers practice for auditory discrimination for every letter and the sounds made us all laugh.  Singing “The Pig and the Pony” or “Mr. Bristol Went to the Zoo” would be a great way reinforce lesson on various animal names, sounds, and actions.  The nice, old school groove of “Humpty Dumpty” made it easy to dance to and it turned out to be our children’s favorite.

Thomas Moore Enterprises, Inc. I Am Special compilation has been a jolly addition to our mornings for the past two months.  I think this will be great in any school classroom setting, homeschool, daycare, or even a local Co-Op.  The easy to remember lyrics, varying tempos, and silly topics are sure to energize younger children and make learning boisterous.  Even the compact disc information pamphlet is helpful because it includes lyrics, concept information, as well as suggestions to help you educate and encourage your children.  Dr. Thomas Moore did a fantastic job of performing songs appropriate for preschool and kindergarten aged children. 

-Product review by Ta'Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2018