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The Feather from Heaven Review by Amanda Hopkins

Shoshana Lund
Olive Press Publisher

Everybody goes through tough times. Usually, we can make our way through them. Sometimes though, we get stuck and need a little help. How do you explain this feeling to a young child or an adult who doesn't know God? The Feather from Heaven by Shoshana Lund is a great way to open the conversation on this topic.

The Feather from Heaven is a picture book that follows a young girl named Lily. There are hand-drawn pictures on every page that add to the story. We find out that Lily has had something fall upon her heart that starts off small but slowly grows. Something that bothers her and takes away her fun.

We have personally had this issue within our house. Daddy has had a crazy surgery that left everyone in the house wondering what was happening. Everyone is worried, and this is hard to talk about at times. The Feather from Heaven talks about a situation, nothing specific so this can be used for many different types of issues that any child or family could be going through.

Reading through this book as a family after the year we have had, allowed us an opening to talk about how everyone was feeling. We were able to use this book to help us. While the kids loved the story and the ending, it was also a great reminder to mom and dad about how we need to put our trust in God through the good and bad times.

We loved this book. It has been read many times and has led to many one-on-one conversations with the children. Knowing that they can relate to the story helps them see that there is an option. They don’t have to carry this heavy burden with them, and they can trust God to help them with this.

We have spent a lot of personal time with this book since receiving it. It is a book that I would recommend that everyone had on their shelves to help you and your children through any tough time that you might have. I can see this helping open up conversations with many children as it has ours. There are no weighty topics, just enough to allow you to make this your own. There are no details on what happened to Lily, so you can personalize that as you need to, which I hope you don’t, but know that you may have to.

If you are looking for a picture book that will help your children learn how to ask God for help during the tough times, look no further. As much as I want to say we would never need a book like this, it is one that I am glad that we have. I could not imagine talking with my kids about all that is happening in our house, health wise, without the help of this book.

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2018