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God is Better Than Trucks Review by Ta’Neisha Kemp

Sarah Reju
Christian Focus Publications
01862 871011
Geanies House
Fearn, Tain
Ross–shire IV20 1TW
Scotland, UK

Our four-year-old truly enjoyed the fun pictures, vehicle variety, and scriptures throughout God is Better Than Trucks, written by Sarah Reju and produced by Christian Focus Publications.  This book is a fun alphabetical guide to various vehicles that teaches children that God’s character outperforms each one. 

On every pageone or two vehicles are introduced along with information about each. During the descriptions your child is able to hear all about all the great qualities of each model and how it benefits the world.  We learned about various automobiles, rescue vehicles, construction trucks, and others used for transportation throughout the world.  With each explanation we subsequently reminded that God is even better.   For example, the lifeboat ability to save you from water was compared to God’s ability to give salvation through Jesus Christ.  Both offers to be saved are great and necessary, but God’s gift is much better. 

Another great feature is that each page also includes scripture confirming just how wonderful God is. The scriptures appear to be from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible which makes the larger words easier to understand for the young readers.  I also noticed that some verses do not include the entire verse, so we just read the verses from the Bible or Bible app to ensure we read the scripture in its entirety.  These scriptures can easily be turned into memory verses for your children or even your whole family.

Initially, we used this book approximately three times a week during preschool with our younger two children.  Since we are working through an alphabetical curriculum I decided to read about the vehicles that correlated to the letter of that week.  During each session I would read about the vehicle, explain how God was better, and then share the passage of scripture included. At the end of the week I would reread that and pages about previous vehicles we had already covered. Our oldest son also read the entire book to his siblings a few times before bed.

This book was also a great addition to our scripture memory time.  Since the passages included in the story are from an easy to read version of the Bible, I was able to immediately share those with our younger children.  Our son actually memorized several of the scriptures included in the book and recites them as soon as we turn to those pages.  I also enjoyed that the book provides an age appropriate mention of salvation, obtained through belief in Jesus Christ. 

Overall God is Better Than Trucks, produced by Christian Focus Publications, was a truly exciting addition to our homeschool library.  Sara Reju did a great job informing the readers about God the healer, provider, and creator, as well as Him being all-powerful, loving, strong, and eternal.  Even though it is not geared toward our two-year-old daughter she still enjoyed participating in story time whenever this book was read.  Our four-year-old has repeatedly relished learning about the different trucks from Ambulance to Zamboni. Each time an automobile is mentioned, he continuously reminds me that it is cool but God is much better than every single one.

-Product review by Ta’Neisha Kemp, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2018