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Clean Water Student Notebook (Grades 4-5) Review by Renita Kuehner

Clean Water Student Notebook (Grades 6-8)
Clean Water Home Instructor's Guide (All Grades)
A Christian Homeschool Social Studies Unit
Lindsay Van Staden
Be the Hands Homeschool Curriculum

How many of us take for granted the clean water from our faucet? How about our ability to hit a few buttons and have a cup of coffee in minutes? Or then there is that warm shower we want in the morning or bubble bath in the evening? There are millions of people in the world that suffer daily from lack of water and lack of clean water. Is there a way that we can make a difference?

Be the Hands is an organization that has created a full Social Studies unit for students that centers around the lack of clean water in our world. Clean Water is available for elementary and middle school aged students. You can purchase individual student workbooks for Grades 4 – 5 and Grades 6 – 8, and also an Instructors Manual that incorporates both grade levels. Each are reasonably priced at $9.99 each for printed books (plus shipping) or downloadable PDF files for $5.99 each.

The goal of Clean Water is to give students an in depth look at real world issues but encourage them to look at them from a Biblical perspective also. It encourages them to make a difference and see the love they need to have of others. But also inspire them in Christian stewardship. Included in your purchase is a specialized website login that contains videos and website links to allow for further research with your students.

We were able to combine our study of Clean Water into our geography unit study of Central and South America. The video links provided take your students around the world. The videos made a big impact on the girls as they saw how so many people struggle, and even more importantly how girls and women struggle without sufficient clean water sources. Clean Water was very flexible in that we were able to combine also into our science study of the oceans, and why we want to try really hard to keep our water resources clean for not only ourselves but those around the world. Our footprint in the United States does make a global impact on those already suffering.

Clean Water by Lyndsey van Staden can be easily adapted into your school studies and help cover not only social studies, but geography and science. You can also bring in community service studies to round out your student’s educational experience. This can all be done in roughly four weeks of studies.

Studying Clean Water has made an impact on both myself and the girls. We were already aware of the dangers of dirty water, but to actually see the videos and study the reminders truly helped make a big impression on our brains about the vital importance of taking care of our planet and also our fellows humans who are suffering. I am very grateful we had the opportunity to review this product, and recommend that you take a few weeks to allow it to make an impact on your family too!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2018