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If Picasso Painted A Snowman Review by Lori Hooten

Amy & Greg Newbold
Tilbury House Publishers
12 Starr Street
Thomaston, ME 04861

If Picasso Painted A Snowman is a vividly imaginative picture book that shows us the answer to the question of what snowmen would look like if different artists painted them in their own styles. Amy and Greg Newbold took on the challenge of imagining how different styles would be shown in snow. This book, appropriate for all ages, is the result and what fun it is.

The book covers 17 artists and their styles. From Picasso and his abstract style to the recognizable styles of artists such as Lichtenstein, Monet, and van Gogh, there are examples of styles that we quickly recognize. When viewing these, it is easy to see the style. But there are also examples of artists like Georgia O’Keefe, Mondrian, and Sonia Delaunay, which may not be so easily recognized. Seeing a snowman painted in so many different styles really helps understand what the artistic differences are and how they are all so personal.

Looking through the book and studying the images of the different snowmen is fun and inspiring. When you get to the end of the book, there is also a short biography on each of the artists talked about in the book. The paragraph on the artists gives dates for his/her life, some history, and a bit about style. Some give more detail and some less, but each is interesting and just enough to create an urge to know more.

The beauty in this book lies in the interpretations of snowmen but also in the ways that it encourages further study and artistic attempts by the reader. If Picasso Painted A Snowman would be a great book to be a base for a class on art history, artistic biographies, and artistic styles. The possibilities that come to mind when reading this picture book by Amy and Greg Newbold are endless and intriguing. If Picasso Painted a Snowman is a fun, imaginative book that will pique your students’ interest and open doors to imagination for students of all ages.

-Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2018