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Meg the Egg Review by Renita Kuehner

Rita Antoinette Borg

Animal stories are so much fun to read. My kids love reading any animal story and pretending they are the leading character. Using their imaginations, kids can really see themselves in the stories they are reading. Meg the Egg written by Rita Antoinette Borg is definitely a story packed full of fun and learning experiences.

Meg is an egg that is afraid to hatch. Even after her siblings hatch, she is afraid to come out of her shell. She hears many loud noises that scare her. Mother Hen tries to convince Meg to hatch out of her shell, but Meg is still afraid. Mother Hen continues to care for her other chicks but is afraid the farmer will think Meg is a rotten egg. The unthinkable then happens and Meg’s mother is kidnapped. What will Meg and her siblings do? To find out, you need to read Meg the Egg. 

Meg the Egg contains such a wonderful moral in Meg’s story. It contains a great message for children with sensory disorders. I could see my own children acting like Meg. Loud noises are too much and overwhelming. If you can hide from what you are afraid of like Meg, life can seem to be much easier. But as parents (just like Mother Hen), we know that we need to keep encouraging our kids to come out of their shells.But even if your child is just very shy, they can learn from Meg’s example of overcoming their fear of the unknown. Meg’s example of bravery can lead to many life lessons.

The illustrations in Meg the Egg are eye-catching and just plain sweet. We loved the picture of Meg peeking out of her egg shell. Meg the Egg has been a great addition to our library. It has been added to our beloved reader pile!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2018