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Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey Review by Katherine Bartlett

Mary A. Merritt
Olive Press Publisher

The world is truthfully getting to be a scary place to live in. So many people are starting to go against Jews again that it feels like a second Holocaust is coming. And since we're a Messianic Jewish family ourselves, I want to teach Mary to be proud of the fact that she is Jewish. And I also want her to never forget who she is too. So that's why Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey by Mary A. Merritt has become a part of our homeschool.

Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey is a softcover workbook that is written from back to front like in Hebrew. Starting the book with take a little getting used to since you don't just go from page one to two. In the front of the book, you will have lesson plans for the year and how to use the book.

For example, on Week one, you will have practice writing which is located on pages 67-70. On Week two, you will learn new letters that are on page 55, but you will also go back to page 3 briefly. So this book must be used in the order given in the lesson plans or you will get lost.

On the first week, we had practice writing of the first four letters of the alef-bet, creating flash cards, memorizing the first four letters and learning to say “Good Morning” in Hebrew.

As the weeks go by, you'll eventually get to lessons that will be reading verses of the Bible in Hebrew. The entire workbook contains picture pages of the alef-bet, notes on the alef-bet, quizzes, a pronunciation guide, writing and reading practice pages, Bible memory verses and more!

Using the Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey workbook is easy. Normally each lesson will take about twenty to thirty minutes to work through. In our homeschool, we use a lesson per day for our five day home-school week.

You can purchase the softcover workbook for $26.95 on the website.

We used the workbook in our fourth grade home-school. I think this workbook is best suited for elementary age students up to even adults. We actually started using this product together with Mary and we have all been learning which is wonderful. I love that we can slow the pace if needed but we're all learning Hebrew as a family.

My daughter really is enjoying Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey and she is learning the alef-bet in a way that I wouldn't have been able to teach her.

The format of the workbook might takes some getting used to but I just use page markers to find my place for the future lessons. It required no planning on my part other than seeing what lesson I was on in the book. I plan on finishing the book this year in our homeschool and hopefully we will be reading Hebrew soon!

-Product review by Katherine Bartlett, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2018