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Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting Review by Jennifer Do Nascimento

Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing
Sunya Publishing

Let’s face it, math can oftentimes be the most trying part of our homeschool days. Thankfully, there are fun supplement programs like The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting (recommended for ages 7-adult) and The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing (ages 9-adult) from Sunya Publishing. These games add a much-needed flair of fun when we need a break from the norm.

The Sunya card games encourage learning and additional practice of addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts by making correct number sentences. Both games are played the same way and are quite simple. The idea is to make true mathematical sentences with the cards. Then, using the cards in your hand, change the existing mathematical sentence to a new one. When it’s your turn, you have to change at least one card. The first player to run out of cards wins. Easy peasy. When the player discards their last card, they shout “Sunya!”. Sunya means empty or void of any quantity. Fun, right?

The adding and subtracting game comes with a game book, sixty playing and math symbol cards (+, -, =), a number line, and 30 math and science riddle cards. The game book is 25 pages of extensive explanations, game variations, some word and number history, riddles, and additional learning ideas like flash cards, sequencing, matching, and more.

The multiplying and dividing game comes with the same style game book, sixty playing and math symbol cards, a number line, and 30 different math and science riddle cards.

I played the adding and subtracting game with my five and six-year-old first graders a few times. After those games, my artsy five-year-old dropped out and decided she’d rather go paint something. However, my six-year-old math and science guy loved it! We played over and over, just he and I. Some days he and I will play (or he and his older sister) instead of him doing his normal math curriculum. Practice is practice as far as I’m concerned and if he can get his math facts down using a game, then by golly, I’m all for it. Plus, it's probably more fun that way, right?

Obviously, he’s not ready for the multiplication and division game yet, but my fifteen-year-old sure is! While she doesn’t really need the practice, she did enjoy playing a few rounds with me. Let’s just say that it became abundantly clear that she is much quicker recalling her math facts than I am!

Overall, our favorite right now is the adding/subtracting game, but only because we get more use out of it. I’m sure one day soon enough I’ll find myself playing the more advanced game with these kids. That being said, my logic-minded fifteen-year-old quite enjoyed the riddle cards. She read them over and over. Then she took great joy in asking family members and friends the riddles.

These games have been a great addition to our homeschool. I like that the games start with just four cards for each player. It can be hard for little hands to hold so many cards. Not that they held their cards the entire time, but when they wanted to, it was nice that their hand started small. Another aspect of the game that I really appreciate is that players are encouraged to help each other if someone gets stuck. A game that encourages more teamwork and less competition? Yes, please!

-Product review by Jeniffer Do Nascimento, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018