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The Flippers - United States Set Review by Jennifer King

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While I absolutely love history and geography, I admit that it can be challenging to keep track so many things. As my boys learn their states and as we explore the Presidents of the United States; my oldest son has begun studying the Constitution. There is so much to learn. How can anyone possibly remember all the details? More importantly how can we enjoy learning about these things when there is so much pressure to remember this and that.

FLIPPER® is a very nice and new handy tool for learning these sorts of things. We received the United States Set (this is a set of 3 Flippers). What is a Flipper you might ask? It is a simple flip up guide to help you locate all sorts of information with just a simple flip.

My oldest son received and loves using the Presidents Flipper. While I love to sit and read about these sorts of things my oldest is just not a reader. But he likes how with this, he can find what he wants to know in a flash. President Tyler? He had 15 children and was the first president to enter office without being elected after Harrison died. President Chester Arthur (I didn’t know him!) was the 21st President and was not popular at all. He only obtained office due to the death of President Garfield. Each card has a photo image of the president and all kinds of details related to his time in office as well as a biographical sketch regarding their personal and professional life.

The 50 States Flipper is also being enjoyed by my oldest son. My younger one enjoys it now and then too. There is an image of the state flag as well as a visual to show where the state is in relation to the country itself. Did you know that Louisiana is the Pelican State? Have fun learning the state tree, bird, flower, song (lots of these can be found on YouTube and who doesn’t love to sing?). This even tells you the highest point in each state! While we do approve of memory work this certainly makes learning about the states more fun.

The U.S. Constitution Flipper includes the Origins, Contents, Bill of Rights, Amendments and the Supreme Court Decisions. This can be pretty overwhelming to learn all of this information, but it is something that is so important for our children to learn and understand. The Flipper helps to make it a bit simpler. This even includes a glossary to help with those terms that we may not know like bicameral?

These are such a great way to encourage your kids to learn and grow! They have so many to choose from too - whether you need help with your accounting skills, foreign language, math or science, these are sure to be a very helpful tool. I definitely plan to keep these close!

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018