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The Flippers - Home Sets Review by Adrienne Falkena

Babysitting Flipper
First Aid Flipper
New Mom Flipper
Emergency Preparedness Flipper
The Flippers
P.O. Box 1925
Johns Island, SC 29457

The Flippers offers a multitude of Flippers on a variety of topics. For this review, I received New Mom Flipper, First Aid Flipper, Emergency Preparedness Flipper, and Babysitting Flipper. Each Flipper has 22-25 3 ½” by 5” tabs with information on both sides of each tab. The overall size of each Flipper is 5 ½” by 11 ¼”. Each has a magnet strip across the top and bottom on the back. They are stacked in such a way to have tabs with info on what is found in that tab. It makes for be able to quickly and easily find the needed information. Each Flippers is backed by a plastic brightly colored sheet. The New Mom Flipper I received has laminated cards. The other three are glossy cardstock.

As a seasoned mom of many, I found the suggestions on the New Mom Flipper simple and easy to understand. I do think a more seasoned mom might choose to do things somewhat differently, but for the nervous first-time mom, it would be very helpful. It offers an abundance of advice from finding out you’re pregnant, to preparing for baby, labor, and baby safety.

The Emergency Preparedness Flipper was full of information I’d never considered. It was a great one to read through and learn from. Many of the emergencies listed would likely cause panic, and not offer time to read through a checklist. It seems something to read through and know well. Having it on my fridge offers many moments to refresh memory.

The First Aid Flipper ought to be part of a two pack with the New Mom Flipper or maybe with the Babysitting Flipper. It’s so good! There are so many injuries listed and the suggested treatment. As a mom, this one is my favorite. It is great to feel prepared for what life might throw at me, and to have knowledge of proper treatment within reach.

The Babysitting Flipper has been a valuable tool to give my daughters as they babysit siblings and also for other families. It touches on everything from getting the babysitting job to CPR, changing diapers, and more. Some of the things are not how we do things in our home, but regardless, it certainly provided a starting point and got my daughters familiar with the groundwork of what they needed to know and expect from their babysitting jobs with friends and neighbors.

The Flippers I received have several spelling errors. They appear otherwise well made, and despite having spent the last few months on my refrigerator within reach of many small children, they look none the worse for it. One of the Flippers needed a bit of assistance from another magnet to stay up, but the other three held without issue.

The concept of the Flippers is clever and stored a huge amount of information in a compact, attractive, neat space. I appreciate how durable they are, and the In Emergency stickers on the back of each Flipper provides space to record important local information. Flippers make it easy to have the organized information easily accessible.

-Product review by Adrienne Falkena, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018