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Brixo Blocks Maker's Kit Review by Jennifer Ladewig


My teenage son has enjoyed constructing and fiddling around with the Brixo Blocks Maker’s Kit from Brixo. This 115-piece kit includes: conductive bricks, sound sensor bricks, proximity sensor bricks, technic conductor bricks, activity sensor bricks, light bricks, magnetic logo bricks, motor bricks, a base brick, a battery brick (+Bluetooth), a mini screwdriver, and crocodiles to ensure that the bricks are properly connected. Brixo Creations has a mobile app are available for free via the App Store and Google Play. The Brixo Blocks Maker’s Kit 115-piece set isn’t actually available on the site any more, but the Brixo Blocks Maker Kit 127-piece set that is currently on their site retails for $149.99.

Brixo Blocks are intended for ages 6 and up. While Lego® has no affiliation with Brixo, Lego® compatible ideas are included. The Brixo kit comes with basic building instructions and troubleshooting. Due to the fact that there are electrical components there are safety instructions included. The really cool feature about Brixo is their app, Brixo Creations. With this app, you can share your original designs, see what others have created, and find out how to build other cool Brixo models. The app for iOS actually gives the user the ability to control their creation remotely enabling the blocks to move, light up, and more. So Brixo Bricks are not just ordinary building bricks as you probably already figured out from the above descriptions. For example, the Power Bricks are “smart, Bluetooth enabled power blocks that can be programmed and controlled using your phone.” The Light Bricks actually illuminate your creation and shine in different colors. The Magnet Bricks “contain powerful Neodymium magnets to operate the proximity switches.” Of course, central to any of the creations are the Motor Bricks which are what bring your creations to life. This would be a great enrichment activity for home or a school setting. I am a huge proponent of hands-on buildings sets and gets kids creating.

My son has both seen and read about Brixo and was excited to get his hands on this set. He was impressed by the quality of the pieces and the basic concept behind the Brixo model. He had fun building and exploring his options with this set. After downloading the app via the App Store, he really enjoyed interacting and seeing all of the possibilities with the larger sets. My son has always been a huge Lego® fan and was excited that Brixo provided Lego® compatible ideas. He was impressed with iOS capabilities associated with Brixo sets, especially the larger, more complex sets.

While my son enjoyed this particular Brixo set it was very limiting with regards to what you could actually build and do. He said that for the price it was a definite drawback and disappointment. With that said, he really would like to get a couple of the larger sets in order to build some of the more complex models that he has envisioned as well as ones that he has seen on the App Store links that others have posted.

I definitely would recommend Brixo and think that it is a great educational, enrichment, and fun building set. The one drawback is that the sets are quite pricey. Brixo sets would be great for the individual that loves building and is interested in small machines and how this run and work. Check out all of the Brixo Kits on their website.

-Product review by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018