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Blood in the Desert – A Novel Review by Amanda Hopkins

You Left In Me Faith – Book 1
C. Douglas Gordon

I have been looking for a book. One that would grab me and make me want to read more. One that I could feel and learn from. I was able to find this with Blood in the Desert – A Novel.

First things first, Blood in the Desert is NOT in any way shape or form a book for kids, or even middle to high school students. After reading this book, I would not hand it to my 17-year-old son. However, I would hand it to my mother, my aunt or grandparents. This is an adult book in all shapes and forms. But one that should be read.

Mr. Douglas takes us on a fictional journey between the characters, but he also adds in historical facts. We are drawn into the main characters, Miriam and her son Philip. Miriam was a young Christian when she was taken into captivity by Quintus, a cruel Roman solider. Quintus wants nothing to do with the Christian religion. When Miriam mentions Yesua, this infuriates Quintus, thus leading to the birth of Philip.

Philip was born blind, and was allowed to stay with Miriam. During this time, she taught him all she knew of Yesua. This comes in helpful after a miracle happens, which causes Quintus to split the two up. Miriam hopes that she has left Philip in the faith during this new journey.

As we follow these two separate journeys, we see what faith can do. But we also see the struggles. We also follow Quintus. This journey brings us many surprises we never saw coming. If you can disregard the cruelty and sexual parts of the book, both historical and fictional, you will be left with a lot to think about, good and bad.

I really enjoyed most of this book. I cannot say that I enjoyed the cruelty and sexual parts of the book, but I felt like they made me feel for the characters. While there was some, it was not something that took away from the story at hand. I loved following the journeys and seeing how they intertwined with each other. Seeing the character’s faith and how it can work, even in the darkest of times, brings faith to me.

I recommend this book to any Christian adult. You will find miracles and more throughout this whole book. And some miracles will surprise you! Not only that, but you will learn about the historical facts that happened during this not so perfect time in history.

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018