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Kid's Travel Journal Review by Lori Hooten

Jeff Sechler
Blue Forest Books

Travel time allows for many new, exciting adventures. What every kid wants is a place to keep track of all these adventures that is just for them. Jeff Sechler has created the Kid's Travel Journal to give kids just such a place. This travel journal gives kids a place to record the fun things of their trips. Then they can look back to see what they thought about, what they enjoyed, and what was of special importance to them.

The Kid's Travel Journal has space for the traveler to record three different journeys. Each trip includes pages for the planning stage, the trip itself, and reflection on the trip.

Each trip starts with the planning stage – where is the trip, how far, what do I need, what do I want to do, and more. There are checklists and list making space, as well as blanks to fill in, that help the child plan their part of the trip. There is also a space to take names and addresses of their friends or family so they can send postcards of their adventures back home. All this planning and preparing is done. Now on to the trip!

Each trip has 10 days’ worth of space and each day has two pages to complete. There are plenty of writing prompts to help the kid remember the things that were most exciting. The six prompts are repeated each day, allowing for some ease of completion in not having to think about different prompts each day. At the end of each trip section, there are pages to record addresses for new friends, things that were bought, a reflection on the trip, and other memories to remember.

Pages for all three trips are set up the same. At the end of this paperback book, there is a list of fun games the family can play on the trip. These 10 games are easy to play in the car, on the plane, or sitting at a rest stop along the way. They do not require any equipment, though one is easiest with a pencil and paper.

The Kid's Travel Journal by Jeff Sechler is a simple, fun way for young travelers to keep their own record of special trips they take.

—Product review by Lori Hooten, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018