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Come Let Us Adore Him Review by Jennifer Harrison

A Daily Advent Devotional
Paul David Tripp
1300 Crescent Street
Wheaton, IL 60187 USA

Each year, we look forward to the bustle and excitement of Christmas. It is a magical season, filled with joy and beauty. Sadly, it is also frequently filled with stress and exhaustion. Instead of the bustle of excitement, we often find ourselves experiencing the busy-ness of a never ending to-do list. The introduction of Advent traditions is an excellent remedy for this dilemma. Adding another activity into the mix doesn’t sound like a way to find peace during the Christmas season, but my family (and many others) have found that it is the only way.

The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus which means "coming". During the Christmas season, we celebrate that Christ came to earth as our Savior and we celebrate that He is coming again. When approached through this lens, every activity we incorporate into our traditions reflects this purpose for celebration. Taking a moment each day to read and reflect on the reason we celebrate can stop the chaos and bring rest to our days.

Paul David Tripp has written an Advent devotional called Come Let Us Adore Him. It includes 31 daily devotions to guide you through the season. In the introduction Tripp describes how we often become complacent with things that are familiar to us. His prayer, through writing this book, is that it will recapture our attention and reactive our awe. Each page does just that.

The content is beautiful, and so is the book itself. The hardback book is the perfect size and has a cloth cover stamped in gold. The book jacket that covers it is very sturdy and is of a reddish-brown with gold lettering. It is really is pretty to look at.

The daily devotions are about 3-4 pages long. They are engaging, stirring hearts to adore our King and to “live with a renewed appreciation for the grace that we have found in him.” Each day’s devotion also shares verses for further study. At the end of each meditation, there is a central theme about the story of the birth of Jesus. These are to prompt discussions with children, if you choose to read these as a family.

For example, December 9th’s study focuses on the fact that sin separates us from God. It highlights God’s glory and that we are to be living for the glory of God. Philippians 3:12-20 is listed for further study. The central theme is “Thieves” and the following paragraph is offered as a suggestion for families:

“Ask your children what they would do if someone stole something very valuable from them. Ask them if they ever took something that didn’t belong to them. Then help them to understand that we’re all thieves because there is something very valuable that we all steal form God – His glory. Then help them to understand that Jesus was born not to condemn thieves but to forgive them.”

Though the devotions are written to adults, they share truths that can be appreciated by all ages. If the meditations themselves are too deep to be grasped by children, parents can share the verse and the central theme, or just discuss what they have gleaned from the reading.

The devotions are dated December 1st through December 31st, providing meditations for the entire month. I enjoyed the study through the fall, previewing it to share with my children during our Advent traditions. The truths shared in the book are eternal and timeless, and do not need to wait for a tree to light up to be enjoyed.

If you are struggling to feel peace during Christmas, if your heart aches and you lack hope, I encourage you to read this devotional. Let it remind you that these are Holy days, and that we have a reason for the hope that is in us.

-Product review by Jennifer Harrison, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018