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Aunt Claire Presents – The Automobile Girls at Newport Review by Linda Rose

Laura Dent Crane
Aunt Claire Presents – Grace Harlowe's Freshman Year at High School
Jessie Graham Flower
Laboratory Books
34-19 31st Avenue, No. 4R
Astoria, NY 11106

This set of books consists of two beautiful hardcover volumes. The Automobile Girls at Newport and Grace Harlowe's Freshman Year at High School are books that have been reprinted by and published by Aunt Claire. Each title retails for $16.95 on the website. The hardcover image is cleverly printed on the cover of the book under the book jacket, which pays tribute to the original printing if each title. This gives the vintage look to the cover that will appeal to many, but also includes a more modern look with the book jacket to appeal to younger generations.

Each book tells the adventures of different sets of girls. The text in both titles is the original text reprinted from the original books. The text is unabridged and unaltered. Interestingly, both titles also carry the original cultures and traditions from over 100 years ago in the early 1900s. Consequently, Aunt Claire leaves a note for the reader in the beginning of the book. These notes tell more about the time period and customs of that day, explaining to the modern reader why some things might sound odd or out of place in today's world. These books are the first two titles in two different series slated to be reproduced by Aunt Claire. Girls are sure to love these wholesome and adventurous stories. Since the books are about teenagers, I suspect that any teen girl will love reading these. I also wouldn't hesitate to put these books into the hands of a younger child. They really are pleasant, quick reads. I was immediately drawn into the action of each title, and my 14-year-old has been enjoying them too. The reader just can't help but be drawn to each of the characters and enjoy reading about them as well as peeking at what life was like in the early 1900's.

The Automobile Girls at Newport

Barbara and Mollie Thurston, Ruth Stuart, and Grace Carter set off on a lively adventure in this charming and wholesome novel for girls. Ruth Stuart is the only daughter of a rich widower. Ruth serves as the other girls' chaperone on their many adventures. This title is the first in a series of six. The Automobile Girls series was written for girls to read over 100 years ago. Girls in that time were getting restless and they wanted adventure! These stories gave them just that.

This lively story opens with Barbara and Mollie, sisters, who had their hearts set on a really truly fun summer. Amidst all their planning, a set of frightened runaway horses came charging down the street. Barbara saved the day and caused the horses to stop running. The two sisters are independent girls always looking for adventure. And so, begins a story that girls of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Grace Harlowe's Freshman Year at High School

This is the first book in a series about Grace Harlowe attending high school. In Aunt Claire's note, she proceeds to tell the reader that prior to this, most children went to school through grammar school and didn't attend high school. However, by the year 1910 it was becoming more common for children to continue to high school. The note from Aunt Claire includes other historical and important tidbits, and even photos, relating to the story of Grace Harlowe and her friends.

The story opens with Grace and her friends, Nora and Jessica, at school. This is their freshman year, and a new girl has started attending their school. Anne Pierson comes from a poor family; her mother is very ill; and Anne and her sister must help care for her. Miriam Nesbit does not care for Grace and her friends. Miriam is a very stuck up girl and always causes trouble for Grace and the other girls at the school. This title follows the girls through their freshman year. Each chapter tells about a new adventure or trouble that the friends have. Whether that is thwarting the plans of wicked Miriam Nesbit and her followers or foiling the plans of a robber and dear Mrs. Gray's house, readers will fall in love with Grace and Anne and read along in suspense and amusement as they follow the antics of these charming characters. I really can't wait to read the rest of the titles in this series!

-Product review by Linda Rose, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018