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A Child's Life in the Andes E-Book plus Music CD Review by Jennifer King

Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou
Daria Music

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If you are anything like me, you have never heard of the Quechua culture. Where are the Andes Mountains? See for yourself! Did you know it is the longest continental mountain range and it spans seven countries? They are also home to the highest mountains and volcanoes. My kids love volcanoes!  A Child’s Life in the Andes will answer all your questions and then some you didn’t even know you had! This is a digital download of both e-book and CD.

The music features six of the most lovely songs, all played on traditional instruments. As you listen to each song you can read about the story behind it as well as the instruments used in each one. One of the featured songs even has a portion of it that was recorded by Paul Simon. And who doesn’t need a song for the kids to sing to poke fun at one another? It all starts out when they sing “Hey girl in the red skirt” but in Quechua.

The e-book is a fun introduction to the Andes mountains and the people who live there. Funny, I never even thought of it as a place where people live. There are coloring pages, word search, language pages to learn some common words and more! We learned that we eat some of the very same things that they do. And, imagine this, children there have chores to do too (mine are disappointed we don’t have any llamas or alpacas.

As a musically-inclined family this was one page we really enjoyed and took our time on, as we listened and learned. My children had so much fun trying to pick out each instrument being played in each song. My boys loved learning about the percussion instruments used and trying to match some of the beats on their own drumset.  There are even a few pages in the e-book showing how to make a rainstick or some Zamponas. I think we have our own little band forming in our house now.

This really is such an amazing resource. With such a great variety of things to learn and do, the learning can really go far with this one!

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018