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Handwriting Stations Review by Jennifer King

43 South Main Street
Schaghticoke, NY 12154
Phone Number: (518) 301-1749

Handwriting is such a struggle around here. All three of my older children really struggle with this. So, we are always on the lookout for materials that will strengthen their skills in this area. Hopefully they will also learn and begin to enjoy the beauty of good handwriting too. There is nothing I enjoy more than some time quietly sitting and writing. Handwriting Stations is a downloadable material; use these to create handwriting stations big or small with handwriting pages (both double and dotted line formats).

Maybe you are like me, unsure of exactly what a handwriting station is and why there would be a point to using one. With stations designed using a tri-fold or a folder, there is better focus on proper letter formation, proper grip and posture. This is an excellent way to focus on motor skills and also maintain plenty of visual cues to aid in better handwriting. We used manila folders to create our handwriting stations.

This download includes all materials needed to create your handwriting stations. It was a simple process to create these stations - I made one for each of my older children - rather quickly, I might add. Each child had their own folder, with pages cut and pasted into place.

Some of the pages included in each folder were: upper and lower letters, a reminder of proper posture and pencil grip and even a self-check for handwriting.

My younger son really liked this piece; since he has started using his handwriting station, I often catch him reviewing this before he starts writing each day. My older daughter loves the page of reminders to help avoid letter reversals (she struggles with this herself) especially since there is are letter represented by cartoonish characters (a queen, a little girl sleeping in bed, etc.) Great visual reminders for her! My oldest son, he finds most helpful the page of warm up exercises for handwriting. Since he is very much a and a shaker (always moving about) these a huge help to him in getting ready and getting “some” of those wiggles out before (sometimes in the midst) of his handwriting too.  

This is such a fabulous way to “do” handwriting and I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to use this with our family. I appreciate how this has not just helped my younger ones to have proper, legible handwriting but also how it has encouraged my oldest son to better his abilities. If handwriting is a struggle and a chore for anyone you know, this may be the perfect answer to your prayers. 🙂

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2018