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Star Shower Slideshow Projector Review by Lisa Stanfield

Star Shower Laser Magic Projector
200 Docks Corner Rd. # 211
Dayton, New Jersey 08810-1530

Talk about fun! We received for review, two decoration light projectors from BulbHead, the Star Shower Slideshow Projector ($39.99) and the Star Shower Laser Magic Projector ($39.99). We have all started seeing homes decorated for Christmas with moving lights and designs on the front of the house. These projectors are what create those festive designs!

The Star Shower Slideshow Projector offers twelve different slides to change it up. In addition to the projector, the many-colored set includes six different Christmas designs, two Halloween designs, and one design each for Easter, Valentine's Day, Birthday Balloons, and fireworks for the Fourth of July. The Star Shower Laser Magic Projector has an internal mechanism that allows you to choose from six different designs, but multiplies them up on the wall to cover a large space; up to 3,200 feet! The slides project in two colors; green and red. The designs are simpler and include a snowman, Santa head, star, dots, and two Halloween slides, a ghost and a bat. You can select to display only green light or red and green lights together. You can also select the speed at which the images rotate and move over your house.

Depending on where you place the unit, the Star Shower Slideshow allows you to create small or large designs on the wall that rotate to the different selections on each slide. Each slide has four designs and there are a total of twelve slides. The further out you go from your house, the larger the slideshow is and the more space it covers on your home. The Star Shower Magic allows you to project many of the same designs all over the house-front. It is pretty magical as it showers the house in sparkly green and red lights! It is a fraction of the cost of buying traditional lights to design your home and according to their website, you will use 99% less energy too. It is a one-stop set-up and the home is covered in a moment. We have seen these used on large trees and boat docks too! Anything you want to shower a design upon will work!

The cord that comes with each projector is the only frustrating element to these units. They are very short! Of course this is easily remedied by using an extension cord, but this was a bit of a puzzle to me. I think it is probably done this way to keep the costs of the units down, but it still seems a strange choice to me. I’d encourage the company to lengthen the cords for future units.

We love these lights and love what it has done for our Christmas home. I am especially excited that the Star Shower Slideshow has so many other holiday choices. This will be great fun for birthdays and for the Fourth of July, particularly. We have even used it to amuse our toddler by projecting it onto the wall. He was thrilled with the balloons and chased them around the wall! These are an inexpensive and genuinely fun way to make your holiday home come alive!

-Product review by Lisa Stanfield, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2017