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GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard Review by Emma and Kate Kessler

3000 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80205

When I heard that we were getting a hoverboard, I was OVERJOYED! Hoverboards have been the hype for a while now and I have ridden them before. We have tried two different types; the GOTRAX HOVERFLY and an air wheel. For those of you thinking that they are basically the same, they definitely are not. The air wheel has two wheels, but they are both placed in the middle of the contraption. Your feet stand on the two platforms that are placed on the outside of the device. That means to get on it, you have to jump onto the outstretched platforms. It’s much less stable, complicated to use, and there is a lot of adjusting to “get it right” so that you can enjoy the actual hovering! In contrast, The GOTRAX HOVERFLY is easy to get on to, and simple to maneuver for any age as long as you meet the weight limit! With a 44 pound minimum weight limit up through a maximum of 220 pounds, almost anyone can ride it.

We had everyone from ages 11 – 73 try this out, and everyone was able to get on and balance well.  This is because the HOVERFLY has a "gyroscopic self-balancing" technology with a zero degree turning radius. What this means is that when your foot leans a little bit, it immediately turns on a dime with no drag or delay. It is quite remarkable in this way as there is a great deal of control the rider has with very little movement or pressure needed. It also has non-slip foot pads and protective bumpers. The length of the entire unit is roughly 23 inches long so it fits in tight spaces and easily cruises down the hallway with a lot of room to spare. Charging time takes 1.5 hours and the website notes that you can go “speeds of up to 7.4 mph for up to 12 miles on a single, full charge.” The charge does last a long time, but we have not timed it in either mile length or minutes. The unit comes in your choice of colors: Mars Red, Nebula Black, Neptune Blue, Planetary Purple, and Pulsar Pink. The unit also lights up as you travel with an LED display of red, blue, and green. The indicator light will turn red when it is time for a recharge.

In my opinion, this hoverboard is durable, useable, and likeable. We brought this on our family trip to Lake Tahoe where we stayed in a hilly area. I was going too fast down a hill (this isn’t smart or safe by the way, and results in more battery use) and I fell. I was just fine, but I was worried about the hoverboard! It rolled down the hill and into a 5-foot ditch. I ran over to the ditch to find that the hoverboard was a little scratched, but functionally, it still worked just fine and has been going strong ever since. (I was relieved and happy to see this since it was not being used as it’s intended to be!)

Its performance is great, smooth, and if you have pretty good balance, it rides well over cut grass. On another occasion, I was with a bunch of friends and I brought it out to let them try. It was a big hit and everyone was riding it around the parking area. I had charged it for an hour before hand and there was still enough battery for more usage. It can go fast or you can slow it down for casual cruising; whatever you want. It is also easy to just stand on it and wait. Turning around is perfectly easy and you can just twirl in circles if you don’t have a weak stomach. The GOTRAX HOVERFLY has been a great addition to our indoor or outdoor fun and we give it two thumbs up! 

-Product review by Emma and Kate Kessler, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017