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Singapore Math Live (used with Singapore Math 3 Full Set) Review by Amanda Hopkins


I have always loved Singapore Math, but a few years ago when I was using it with my oldest, I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do, when to do it, and how to help him understand it when there were times I didn’t understand it. But times have changed, for the better! Now there is Singapore Math® Live.

Brenda Barnett takes the time to work through every lesson in the books and help mom and dad have the confidence to teach these lessons to their kids. Not only are we given a strong foundation of help to work through the tough stuff, but we have a Syllabus that helps us know what to teach and when.

We used Textbook 3A&B, Workbook 3A&B, Intensive Practice 3A&B and Challenging Word Problems 3 CC Edition. The syllabus had all the books laid out and what should be done each week. While I was surprised at the amount at first, as we broke it down day by day compared to our previous program, it was no different, just multiple books versus one. Having this syllabus has helped to keep us on track and learning at a speed that fits perfect with my son.

Every week I would set aside time to watch the class recording video for me. During this time, I would be walked through what was being taught and how. We weren’t left in the dark, anything your child was going to learn, you had the heads up. You were taught before they were taught!

Not only do mom and dad have the option to watch recordings of the lessons, but the kids can also have every exercise taught to them via support videos. These videos walk the students through the exercises, shows them tricks and tips to help the lesson go quicker and help take the ease off mom and dad.

I loved having a site that was my backbone when it came to teaching math. I loved knowing that if I didn’t understand something, it would be there, explained to me. If it wasn’t there, I could easily email Brenda and she would help me.

I was impressed by the amount of work that went into making this program. Singapore Math was awesome before, but now, with the support, it is something I don’t want to move away from. My son loves doing math now. Some weeks are kind of busy with all that there is to do, but he doesn’t cry everyday anymore. Not only that, but I go into the lesson confident that I am able to teach him thanks to the class recordings I watched and the notes I took before.

I look forward to using Singapore Math® Live with all my younger kids now. I don’t want any other math program. I want this. I love having support for their learning, and I love knowing that I am teaching them the way it is supposed to be taught instead of guessing from what I read. While I have to spend a few extra minutes watching the videos each week, it is worth it! I would not feel as confident as I do without that time spent watching my videos!

Have you looked at Singapore Math before and felt overwhelmed by the amount of work you think needs to be done? Please, take the time to check out Singapore Math® Live. This has changed the way I look at teaching math to my kids, and I love it!

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017