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Becoming Mr. Right: A Young Man's Guide to God-Honoring Relationships Review by Rebekah Teague

Michael J. Daniels
LifeSpring Ministries

When I look around at the cultural norms and trends of the young men of today, I worry. My son is quickly approaching the ripe old age of 16. I worry that the influences in his life aren’t going to point him towards hardwork, integrity and self-sacrifice. I worry that what he sees in the media and in society at large aren’t modeling Christ-honoring relationships.

Of course, my son is surrounded by Godly men. His dad, as well as other men, constantly speak Godly principles into his life. It is still our goal as parents to provide him with as many sound resources as we can. I recently had the opportunity to review Becoming Mr. Right: A Young Man’s Guide to God-Honoring Relationships by Michael J. Davis.

Confession time. The closest my son has gotten to a real romantic relationship is the time the girls across the street came over and asked him for his phone number. Not happening. He also followed around a couple of blond-haired beauties at Pastors Kids Retreat, but admitted to me that he was too nervous to introduce himself.

However, I knew that Becoming Mr. Right was going to be something that my son needed in his life. The very first chapter confirmed this for me. Before a young man can even consider a romantic relationship, he first must evaluate his most important relationship. His relationship with God. Mr. Daniels hit the nail on the head with this one. I have been speaking this to young women for ages.

The book itself is an easy read. It is written in a conversational manner and has questions following each chapter to promote personal reflection. There are thirteen Chapters with three Appendices located at the back. The appendices talk about providing for a family (developing a work ethic), being single and how to know when to break-up. I was THRILLED with all of the advice, but especially consider Appendix A (Preparing to Provide) a timely topic and must-read for all young men. This is the conversation we have been having with my son, as of late.

The Chapter titles are things like Contentment, Establishing Purity, Initiating a Relationship and Conduct in a Relationship. The advice in the book was surprisingly frank and practical. I particularly liked this bit of advice.

“For now, start practicing sensitivity in your conduct toward others. Don’t trample on people when it comes time to make a decision. Practice maintaining a steady, kind, considerate and loving leadership to those around you.”

Isn’t that good stuff? I can see the heart of the author and am confident that I can trust him to give good advice to my son. After reading the book, I can also see the benefit it would have for young women, as well. Overall, I truly feel that Becoming Mr. Right is a much-needed and vital book for today’s young man.

-Product review by Rebekah Teague, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017