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Taming the Lecture Bug …and Getting Your Kids to Think Review by Sabrina Scheerer

Joey and Carla Link
Parenting Made Practical

Do you lecture your kids? Do you yell? Do you end up frustrated because those things don’t seem to do any good? Taming the Lecture Bug is full of tips and tools to help you break the cycle and get out of the habit of lecturing. It will help you get your kids to think for themselves without lectures. The book contains theory on why parents face some of the most common issues with kids and how to correct them as well as practical methods of doing so and real-life examples. At the end of each chapter is a letter from parents who have successfully used the material in the book with their children.

The techniques in this book are best suited to children about age eight and up who are generally compliant but struggle with arguing, forgetting, not following through on directions, or defaulting to laziness. It is sort of phase two of the Links’ approach to parenting, phase one that addresses general obedience is found in their other book. If your kids struggle with basic obedience or are younger like mine that may be a better place to start, then use this book to fine tune diligence and address heart issues.

My kids need to work on general obedience and most of them are a bit young for the suggestions in this book. I have ordered the Links’ first book to see if that will help us get to the point of being able to use these techniques. I did find the tips in the book to be logical and presentedwell, and I am using some of them with my generally compliant 12-year-old. I’ve also started using some of the techniques with my eight-year-old, but she needs to work on general obedience before much of what is presented in this book will be helpful. I love their discussion and emphasis on asking questions and making children take responsibility for their choices and actions. I believe a big problem in society today is adults who were not taught to take responsibility for their actions and choices as children. It is important to me to teach my kids that responsibility and I appreciate this book’s focus on it and practical tips.

This book is a quick and easy read for busy moms with practical tips that you can apply right away. You may want to read through it once for the big picture and then read through it again with a pen, highlighter, and/or sticky notes to make a plan for your family. What I really liked is that the tips and techniques are logical, and the authors don’t try to fit all kids into one mold with one way to solve every problem for every kid. There is a lot of information packed into this $10.95 book and I’m sure anyone raising or working with children can find some great ideas in it.

-Product review by Sabrina Scheerer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November 2017