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Imagine - The Great Flood Review by Pam Havens

Matt Koceich
Barbour Publishing
P.O. Box 719
1810 Barbour Drive
Uhrichsville, OH 44683

Any parent or teacher of an avid reader will know there are NEVER enough books written that capture the imagination and interest of the young mind.  Especially quality authors who are writing books with a Biblical viewpoint as a reference.  It is always exciting to discover a new Bible adventure series for kids, such as Imagine - The Great Flood, written by Matt Koceich, with the cost being $5.99. 

This is a juvenile fictional story, but based on the Bible’s account of Noah’s ark and the flood.  With just fifteen short chapters, and the book itself being 110 pages in length, it is quite a fast-paced read.  This book is perfect for an older student, who is independently reading, and likes to finish books at one sitting, or an emerging reader who would engage in listening to several read aloud sessions.  Any child who enjoys reading action and adventure novels might find this book quite appealing.

Journey with Corey a 10-year-old boy who falls and hits his head in the woods, mysteriously travels through time and awakens in the middle of Mesopotamia 2400 B.C.  With friendly lions, giants out to destroy him, a dark force named Elizar, and encounters with Noah and his family this book is nothing less than action-packed.  Life lessons to be learned and character development are all take-aways from reading this novel.      

My 10-year-old independent reader was able to finish this book in a little over an hour, and I was able to finish reading it myself in several twenty-minute increments.  My son and I were then able to discuss some of the highlights of the book, what he liked, disliked and the overall plot of the story.  We used Imagine as part of our summer independent reading, and since we are studying Noah’s Ark with our Biblical History curriculum this fall I thought it was a nice addition.  Our discussion led us to the truths and facts associated with the flood, along with discussing how Matt Koceich, the author, used his imagination to write a fictional story and the creativity behind it.

My son was quite fond of reading this book and the way Corey had to continuously be on his guard against the giants, also known as the Nephilims.  He thought the story line was really creative, but struggled with the beginning of how Corey came to be transported into Noah’s time in the first place.  He did appreciate the ending of the story overall.

With all of the reading our family does it is hard to keep up with what’s appropriate for elementary age children.  I appreciate this Bible adventure series, and highly recommend this fictional book for any child seeking a new twist on the Bible stories they already know. 

-Product review by Pam Havens, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017