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From Girl to Woman and From Boy to Man - God's plan for the marvelous changes that will take place Review by Pam Havens

Keith and Sandi Queen
Queen Homeschool Supplies, Inc.
168 Plantz Ridge Road
New Freeport, PA 15352

Puberty, an exciting time for a child’s body to change, grow and develop.  Yet for some children this can be an emotionally scary and often uncertain time for them as well.  Giving them resources to build their knowledge will boost their self-confidence as their bodies begin changing from child to teenager, and eventually to adult.   

I find it is not too often that you find simple homeschooling parent resources that will help guide children in the changes that are about to take place in their bodies, without overloading them with unnecessary information.  From Girl to Woman and From Boy to Man, God’s plan for the marvelous changes that will take place by Keith and Sandi Queen are two very basic, but thorough resources.  These two booklets, which retail $3.95, are seventeen pages in length, very simple in form with pencil sketched images depicting a few pictures, tastefully done.  In the back section there are several resources listed for additional information to complement each booklet, and a phone number should you need further assistance.

Both booklets are wonderful to use with your blossoming son or daughter who may be turning from child to teenager.  Each booklet contains the necessary information intended for a study on health and wellness by the child or to be used as open-ended discussion starters by the parent.  These booklets are designed for children who are ten years or older, but certainly could be used for someone who is younger, and their bodies have begun changing already.  Each booklet simply states how the boy or girl’s body will begin the maturing process with the physical changes that will take place inside and out, the role of their hormones and the effects, how to effectively handle the upcoming changes with cleanliness, the feelings associated with these changes and the responsibilities that will go along with the changes happening.  Both booklets are written from a Biblical standpoint always referencing God’s plan for them and their changing bodies.

I really appreciated how each booklet was written in a Godly way that did not make the information presented seem awkward for the child receiving it or the parent discussing it.  Each booklet gave just enough detail to explain what is happening or will be happening to the boy or girl’s body, and reserved inundating them with unnecessary facts and details.  I was pleasantly surprised after I finished reading each booklet at how well the information was communicated, and I look forward to presenting these booklets to my son when his body begins changing. 

I think the written format in each booklet could have been presented in a different style and form, making it appeal to the reader more so.  Each black and white page has several paragraphs, with some that are bulleted, which made it difficult to process such information.  I had to re-read several of the paragraphs over again, because it seemed they were too close together.  Spacing them out a little more or adding a different font would have been helpful.

If you are looking for helpful resources as to how to approach the subject matter of puberty with your son or daughter from a Godly viewpoint then these booklets will be a wonderful choice.  They definitely will compliment any style of learning and personality, and I can’t tell you enough how refreshing these booklets are on the subject matter of puberty.  I was not sure how to approach some of the basic puberty facts with my son, but after reading From Boy to Man, God’s plan for the marvelous changes that will take place, I feel I have a foundation for some really great open ended discussions that will be taking place in the very near future. 

-Product review by Pam Havens, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017