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Prepper's Natural Medicine - Lifesaving Herbs, Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for When There Is No Doctor Review by Cassie Deputie

Cat Ellis
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440
Berkeley, CA 94703

Whether you are contemplating what life might be like if a catastrophic event (whether it be a hurricane, earthquake, EMP attack, or economic collapse) might be like and how you can prepare, or you are a person who likes to study alternative medicine, herbal remedies, and essential oils then the books Prepper’s Natural Medicine - Lifesaving Herbs, Essential Oils, and Natural Remedies for When There Is No Doctor by Cat Ellis is a book you definitely want in your home library.

I am a studying herbalist who co-owns and runs a small business that makes natural alternatives to conventional medicines, so I have read many books that relate to the topic of herbalism and creating your own medicines and first aid kits over the years. This book Prepper’s Natural Medicine has something unique to bring to the table as well as successfully covering the basics for a person new to the field of remedy making.

Cat Ellis, as a prepper, writes from the perspective of a worst-case scenario situation where there is no access to medical supplies at all. How can you prepare for a situation like this? What if the means of shipping and transportation goes down and you need to order a crucial piece of your medicine cabinet? What if your neighbor or family member needs medical attention, but there is no organized system of help available?

In only a few hundred pages, Cat Ellis seeks to equip her readers to be self-sustaining in their medicinal endeavor. She teaches not only the basics of how to make an herbal remedies and what components are needed, but she gives insight on how to take it step further and walks you through how you can actually produce all the ingredients needed to continually supply your medicine cabinet. From bee keeping, to growing herbs, drying and storing them, to how to press your own oils, this book offers a brilliant aspect that most herbal books don’t include.

Prepper’s Natural Medicine has a very palatable lay out that is organized to make it easy to page through and find what you are looking for. It includes a non-exhaustive, yet almost complete list of all the herbs that one would need to address every medical event imaginable as well as pages of recipes for remedies for small incidences such as sprains and cuts to chronic diseases like blood pressure or diabetes, and emergency situations like a fall, broken limb, or asthma attack. It also gives insight into how to assist someone long term from conditions such as pregnancy, or suffering from malnutrition.

At the conclusion of the book, there are a few indexes organizing remedies in different ways to make a quick reference guide in times of need, which is my favorite aspect of this book. There are also lists of further recommended reading and studying resources.

I highly recommend this book to all parents who are seeking to take their family to the next level in their health and try out some self-sustaining, whole body supportive medicine hand crafted, or even home grown! I also recommend this to studying herbalists who are seeking to more and more make their practice independent and become more knowledgeable in their field of study.

I am very glad I have this book on hand and I already have a few people asking me to lend them this book as it is interesting and different than most herbal books I’ve encountered.

- Product review by Cassie Deputie, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2017