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CapeAble Sensory Products – Small Weighted Blanket / Neck Wrap / Fidget Tool Review by Linda Rose

1. Blanket-Small #2 Fill Sand Ziggy/Teal
2. Neck Wrap- Long Urban Camo/Red
3. Fidget Tool - Hooty Owl Teal
Marna and Susan
CapeAble Sensory Products
6411 Highview Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Have you ever had one of those stressful days? A day that left you wishing you could just have a hug and then go straight to bed? Me too! I was so excited when I received these amazing and comforting weighted products in the mail. We received three items to review: a weighted blanket, a neck wrap, and a magnetic fidget. These items are truly amazing and our family has been blessed to be able to use them.

These are top quality products using durable and plush fabrics. I really appreciate the thought they put into the color choices and designs. The fabrics and colors are beautiful! The founders, Marna and Susan, have incredible stories to share. I am inspired by their love for their families and the strength they exhibit in tough situations.

What makes these unique designs really shine is that they can be used for a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to: sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD, learning challenges, apraxia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, oppositional defiance disorder, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chemotherapy, restless leg syndrome, sleep difficulties, autoimmunity, and much more.

While none of my family members are diagnosed with any major needs, I can tell that we really benefited from the use of these weighted products. After all, everyone experiences stress at some point. My children are ages 12 through 17, and they were all able to use each one of the items that we received. Myself and my husband enjoyed using these products as well. Nana especially loved napping at our home with the blanket draped across her lap. It is such a comforting feeling!

Blanket-Small #2 Fill Sand Ziggy/Teal

The small weighted blanket is filled with fill number two. This is an average fill weight that can be used for everyone, even people who don’t necessarily have a sensory “need”. According to the website, this fill weight is appropriate for individuals to enjoy the calming benefits and improved sleep. We really put this blanket to the test in our home. Every one of us, even Nana, used this blanket. There was even a moment when three of us wanted to use this blanket at the same time during family movie night, so we all snuggled together to enjoy the comfort of its weight.

This blanket is for everyone because honestly everyone experiences moments of stress and needs to be able to relax and calm down. I particularly loved this blanket. One night my legs just didn’t want to rest. I grabbed the blanket and laid it across my legs and was able to quickly fall asleep. All of my children like to have this blanket draped around their shoulders or across their laps to help them focus while doing their school work.

The small blanket measures 27 inches by 51 inches and can be purchased for $175.00 on the CapeAble website. I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this blanket. The plush fabrics are both fun and functional. We leave the blanket draped across our couch when not in use. It is a beautiful addition to the décor of the room. The binding of the blanket is a suede fabric, which is very sturdy and durable. I appreciate that the glass beads inside the blanket don’t all run to one side when using it. They stay evenly distributed across the length of the blanket due to the channels sewn on the inside of the blanket.

Neck Wrap- Long Urban Camo/Red

The neck wrap is a unique design that includes heavy duty magnets at each end. This ensures that the wrap stays in place while wearing it. The dimensions of the long neck wrap are five inches wide by 24 inches long. We received the neck wrap in the fabric design called Urban Camo on one side with the reverse side sporting a bright red. This actually happens to be my favorite item that we received. I love the heavy duty magnets and how it just rests on my shoulders, which happens to be the place where I carry all of my stress. Also because the blanket is usually being used by one of my children, I just grab this as I work on the computer. It is also quite cozy and stylish, so I can see this becoming a favorite in the fall and winter. The long neck wrap can be purchased for $50.00 on the CapeAble website.

Fidget Tool - Hooty Owl Teal

The magnetic fidget tool has found a home on our door when it is not in use. This is a unique and fun product that can be folded and worn around the arm. It can also simply be fidgeted with. My younger children enjoy folding and unfolding this while watching a movie or listening to an audio book. I find myself playing with it throughout the day as well. It is made of the same plush fabrics as the neck wrap and the blanket and includes twelve heavy duty magnets securely sewn inside. We also received two magnetic patches that can be placed on any of the magnets. We received the fabric combination of Hooty Owl and Teal. This can be purchased on the website for $25.

I encourage everyone to incorporate some weighted products into their daily routine. See how they calm and promote feelings of comfort and relaxation. These products are versatile, beautifully made, and easy to use in everyday situations. They really are for everyone, not just people with sensory needs. We use and enjoy these gorgeous weighted products daily.

-Product review by Linda Rose, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2017