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Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure (Prolife Resource) Review by Nancy Mayes

Human Life Alliance
1614 93rd Lane NE
Minneapolis, MN 55449

Life itself, is nothing short of a miracle. There are no words to fully express the magnificence of the process of going from a single cell to a full-term baby. I can do nothing more than simply marvel over it all. Having personally experienced this beautiful process eight times, resulting in six live births, I know full well the wonder of the tiny life that is developing within.

I am now delighted to be entering into a new stage of life and get to witness this miracle unfold within my 23-year-old daughter. Being a grandmother is something that I have looked forward to for many years. Still having young children at home that are eager to know the details of the growing baby inside make it even more exciting.

Receiving a copy of Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure, has been a wonderful blessing. Each of us have enjoyed flipping through the 14-page magazine-style booklet that walks you through a baby’s stages of growth within the womb.  Although the target age range is kids, Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure is perfect for all ages. The story of the miracle of life is told in a non-threatening simplistic way through cartoon characters, Gus and Lila alongside realistic sketches of a developing fetus at various stages. Informative facts are woven throughout such as the earliest development of the heart at 18 days, which is beginning to contract and will begin fully beating in another few days.

This booklet is a good resource for anyone, but it is especially important for a pregnant mother or a new father that is expecting a child. It is even more important for a mother that is contemplating termination. I can say with certainty how valuable Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure could be to anyone contemplating abortion as my first pregnancy ended in termination when I was 18 years old. Although I knew that the child was growing inside of me, I did not think about it in real life terms. I often wonder if I would have made a different decision if I would have had a booklet like Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure, or if I had been given the opportunity to see or hear the heartbeat through an ultrasound or fetal heart doppler. My life would be different today; not only would I have the privilege of raising that child, but I would not have lived with regret and wonder. I have been able to find freedom through forgiving myself, but find myself realizing that other women can avoid having to go through the whole process of facing their regrets and forgiving their self if they were given the opportunity to flip through this booklet.

Human Life Alliance is dedicated to providing awareness of the inherent dignity and personhood of human life, born and preborn, without exception or compromise through products such as Life Begins - An Amazing Adventure. Their products are provided for a nominal donation of thirty cents or more and are also available for free.  

-Product review by Nancy Mayes, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2017