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Daily Skill Building Vocabulary: An Open and Go Approach Review by Cassandra Holdeman

Carrie Fernandez
Homeschool Giveaways

I am a self-proclaimed word nerd and I would love nothing more than for my kids to be word nerds too. I am always on the lookout for a great curriculum to broaden their vocabulary. This is why I was excited to receive a PDF download of Daily Skill Building Vocabulary: An Open and Go Approach by Carrie Fernandez.

Daily Skill Building Vocabulary is a 36-week, 202-page vocabulary curriculum for elementary students. It is designed to be an “open and go” independent study for third and fourth grade students. There is no teacher’s guide needed.  Each week features four words for your students to learn and the fifth day is for review of these words. Each day the word appears at the top of the page and then students are asked to define it. They can use the glossary at the back of the book which has the words organized by the week they appear or they can use a dictionary. After they define the word, students are asked to create a sentence using the word. Then students are asked to come up with three antonyms and three synonyms for the word of the day. At the end of each worksheet, it asks the student if they knew this word before today. For the fifth day of review each week, the students are asked to match the words they learned throughout the week to the definitions of the words. They also are asked to create a sentence using at least two of the words from the week. At the end of every four weeks of this curriculum there is a unit review that challenges your student to write at least two paragraphs using at least eight of the words they learned in those four weeks. It is available on the website for just $19.95.

I used this curriculum with my fourth grade daughter. She was excited to start learning new words and I was excited for her to not only learn new words, but also for her to work on her spelling while learning new words. After I downloaded this curriculum, I printed off the first few weeks’ worth of work for her to keep in her folder. I only print a few weeks at a time to help spread out the printing and not overwork our printer all at once. Every day she would get out her worksheet for the day and get out the Children’s Dictionary we have. She would look up the definition of the word and then write it down. Then she would write out a sentence using the word. After that she would work on the synonyms and antonyms. Sometimes she needed help coming up with these and other days she got them without any problems. Some days she marked that she knew the word before the lesson and some days she did not. I must also tell you that there were a couple of days that I really had to stop and think when she asked for help thinking of antonyms. I expected this book to challenge my daughter, but I didn’t expect it to challenge me. My daughter really loves learning her vocabulary words and she is looking forward to working through the rest of this book. I can honestly tell you that her vocabulary has improved since using this curriculum and I have noticed her using the words she has learned. We would definitely recommend purchasing Daily Skill Building Vocabulary: An Open and Go Approach for elementary students to help increase their vocabulary and word knowledge.


-Product review by Cassandra Holdeman, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October 2017


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