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Horse Lover's Math – Level 1 Imperial Version Review by Renita Kuehner

Deborah Stacey
Horse Lover’s Math
16739 25 A Ave.
Surrey, BC
Canada, V3Z 0B1

Math can really be such a dull subject for most kids. Only one of our kids actually likes math. But even she gets bored with the typical textbook. So she was excited when we discovered a math curriculum centered around her favorite animal, the horse. Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 by Deborah Stacey has taken so much boredom out of her typical math schedule!

Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 can be purchased in two formats, the Metric and Imperial version. You also have the choice of ordering a spiral-bound book or a downloadable PDF file. Since we live in the United States, we are using the Imperial Version. It contains the standard measurement and US money story problems that we would be used to. At first, I wasn’t sure exactly how centering a math book around the stable would be of benefit, but it hit me quickly how beneficial learning measurement, money and weight in such a unique format would help her.

After just a few lessons in her Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1, basic math skills and even those math skills that are considered life skills, especially for those who want a career around horses, suddenly began to click with Lydia. Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 covers topics on time lapse, money and early budgeting skills, fractions, addition/subtraction, division/multiplication and early geometry are all skills covered in this 174-page consumable workbook.

I have learned a lot about the world of horses while working through Horse Lover’s math – Level 1 with Lydia. She has been riding and going to competitions for a few years now, but since I do not usually need to worry about the inside details there is always terminology and parts of the horse world I do not understand. Vocabulary and terms have started to make sense. Lydia is also learning so much more about the world of horses and the work that it entails.

Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 has also been a great supplement to go along with other various veterinary science projects she has been working on for 4-H. As she reads more about Horse Science, Stable Management and grooming. Activities we have seen at shows have also begun to make more sense as the math she is doing is centered around show life and competition riding.

Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 also includes some science topics about the health of horses and some history topics with fun horse facts. At the end of the Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1, they have included some fun learning projects for mixing up fly spray for your horse, making shampoo, and even treats for your furry friends. These are great ways to improve on their mixing skills with fractions. (Even if you don’t have a horse, you could contact a local rescue near you and mix up some of these products to help them out.)

Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 is written for students in upper elementary, approximately Grades 4 & 5. After working through about half of this book, I would definitely recommend this as a great grade level to use this curriculum. But if you have a big horse lover, even at a middle school level, there is plenty to learn with horses in this program. So, I would not be afraid to use this also with someone in middle school grade levels as supplemental review material.

Horse Lover’s Math is working on a Level 2 and has released portions online for download.  I cannot wait until we get to the next level. Lydia has loved every lesson so far, and looks forward to her Horse Lover’s Math assignments every week. Horse Lover’s Math – Level 1 has filled a math need that I did not realize we even had!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, October 2017