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Dry Erase Boards (Math, Science, Literature, Geography Boards) Review by Audrey Tolle

Markerboard People
1611 N. Grand River
Lansing, MI 48906

In our homeschool, I like to use dryerase boards so that I don’t have to print off a billion worksheets for my six kids. We have been through many erase boards in our homeschool journey, as none have held up well to my kids. I never thought twice about buying them so often, since we use them daily in our math and memory work. My kids are hard on the materials, pushing the markers down hard when they write and ruining the dry-erase marker, or forgetting to wipe them off and then staining the boards. I just planned on rebuying them each year, that is until I had the opportunity to review several of the dry erase boards offered by the Markerboard People.

I had the opportunity to review the following double-sided boards: The Blank Board, The Graphboard, The Ruler Board, The Story Board, The Lined Board, The Base 10 Graphboard, The Hundred Count Graphboard, The Periodic Table Board, The Multiplication Board, The 10 Frames Board, The US/World Map Board, The Primary Music Board, and The Cell Diagram Board. All these boards are 100% non-porous, double sided, and measure 11” X 16”. I also used their purple dry erase markers and erasers. There are boards designed for all grade levels and subjects.

The Blank Board is just as it sounds, a double-sided blank board with countless options.

The Lined Board is excellent for Language Arts and has plenty of lined spaces to write a paragraph, diagram sentences, make spelling lists, etc. It is extremely versatile.

The Story Board is great for elementary handwriting practice and includes space to draw a picture to accompany the sentence. Can be rotated to use for math to show basic place value.

The Ruler Board is geared for upper elementary and also has lines to practice writing or penmanship but also includes 2 rulers (inches and centimeters). In addition, it can be turned sideways and has columns for place value, including decimal-point columns.

The Hundred Count Graph has 100 one-inch cubes that would be helpful using 10 frames, beginning graphing, plotting, and place value. Blank space is included to show work or computation.

The Graphboard would be perfect for students in Algebra as it has a 20 X 20 graph with highlights every fifth square. Would be excellent for graphing slopes, parabolas, bar graphs, etc. It includes space to show work process.

The Base 10 Graphboard would be a valued tool in upper science levels and advanced math. It would be great while using metrics and has a graph grid and coordinate graph on one board. The board includes space to show work process.

The Periodic Table Board is great for visual learners and would be a valuable tool in memorization practice. The board includes all the abbreviated elements. There is room to jot notes or write out the full name of the element that you are quizzing your student on.

The Multiplication Board is perfect for drilling those multiplication facts. Includes 144 (12 x 12) math facts and is arranged in a fun and random way so they are truly calculating the facts.

The Primary Music Board would be great while teaching the basic grammar of music. It includes two staff lines with space to draw in notes, rests, time signatures, clefs, etc.

Cell Diagram Board includes etched diagrams of both plant and animal cells with room to label and take notes.

The US/World Map is great for all ages. We intend to use this for practicing tracing the countries, continents, states, etc. Blank space included to label states with abbreviations or capitals. The US is on one side, the world is on the other.

The 10 Frame Board is great for lower elementary and has three 10 frames, a number bond, and a 1-20 number line.

I never knew I could be so excited about dryerase boards, but these are fantastic! I could definitely see a difference in quality and design from just the cheapo dry erase boards I have purchased in the past. These are the real deal, and when they say that they won’t stain, they mean it. I had a minor moment of panic when I saw that my kids had drawn all over them and not erased them and was prepared to get the chemicals and “arm strength” out to try and tackle it, but they weren’t needed. They came right off.

I loved all the subjects and options that are available in markerboard form. Over the summer, I had my kids do the Multiplication Board daily to stay crisp on their facts. I also had my kids trace the continents and states on the US/World Board. The possibilities are truly endless with the uses of these boards in the homeschool world. Our family does a lot of “one room schoolhouse” type activities in our home, and these boards are priceless for the ability for each kid to work at their own level/speed and hold up their board when they are done and have the answer. Even my little ones who push hard with the marker weren’t able to run down the purple markers that came with the boards. They are much tougher than mainstream markers.

The Markerboard People have a guarantee on all their boards that they will not permanently stain. This, coupled with the fact that they are made in America and are not much more expensive than the cheaply made boards, I am truly impressed with this product. The 11”X 16” boards sell for $9.95 each for a single board, with discounts buying in multiples. There is also a sale section on their website where some boards will be discounted. I have already made a purchase of the boards that I didn’t get to try that we will be needing this year including The Skeletal System board and The Angles, Fractions & Degrees board.

I recommend the dryerase boards by the Markerboard people 100%. My children really enjoyed using the boards, and I enjoyed the ease, quality, and convenience of them. They are most-assuredly built and designed to be used daily, not just periodically. They can stand up to the use for sure, and if not, the company backs up their product. A win-win.

-Product review by Audrey Tolle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2017