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Bo-Po Brush on, Peel-off Nail Polish (Unscented) Review by Bella Quinn

401 Alden Road Unit 2
Markham, ON. Canada

I received two three-packs of the “Bo-Po Brush on, Peel off” nail polish to review. The first box I opened contained three different colors, “OMG!” red, “Emerald” green, and “Cloudy Day” blue. In the second container, there was “Grape Soda” purple, “Bubblegum” purple/pink, and another “OMG!” red.

The red is a very powerful, bright color; the result is a mix of orange and red. The green is a shimmery color that reminds me of Christmas. It is appropriately named as it does have the look of an emerald. The Cloudy Day blue is my favorite. The color is a bright sky blue and looks nice paired with the Grape Soda. True to its name, Grape Soda is a glittery purple; one of my favorites for sure. The nail polish, Bubblegum, is more like a dark magenta rather than the classic light pink people think of when they imagine “bubblegum pink.” In my opinion, it looked nicer when it was on my toenails than it did in the bottle. If you are looking for a flashy pink, you might try out the “Pinkie Swear Tint” instead of the Bubblegum.

I tried on all six colors and was pleased to see that it applies smoothly. The formula has a nice light shine that is acetone-free, and the polish is not too thick. As a fairly active fourteen-year-old, I can see myself wearing these. It is certainly better for your nails, and I like the fact that you don’t have to use nail polish remover. I have always enjoyed painting my nails, but recently, I had stopped because the polish I was using wasn’t great for my nails. The Bo-Po polishes aren’t like that though, which is good. The polish actually does peel off really easily. It didn’t take much effort to cleanly remove it all. (It’s also fun to peel them off.) I found that the nail polish doesn’t have that ugly, pungent smell that everyone hates. So, you could paint your nails in the house without people noticing. (My mom likes this!)

Like I said before, as a fourteen-year-old, I can see myself wearing this product. The thing is, I would only wear it when I am not being overly athletic. Because the nail polish is made to come off easily, it can and does get pushed off my nails when I am very active outside. I say this with confidence because the first day I used the polishes I also washed a large truck. While I was washing the truck, I noticed that the nail polish on my toes had come off completely. My mom and I noticed that the darker, more pigmented polishes left some of their color behind, even when you peel it off. Also, the longer you have the nail polish on, the harder it is to take off.

Next time I wear this, it will be for a calmer occasion such as a party, wedding, or sleepover. I would also wear it around the house just because. Overall, this is a pretty good product, and I enjoyed using it.

-Product review by Bella Quinn, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2017