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Math Relief Review by Barbette Yingst

Algebra 1 – Phase 1
Keyboard Enterprises
5200 Heil #32
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Math Relief, Algebra1 is a great way to study math! The target grade level for this course is 9th grade. This seven (7) DVD set will take you through forty-nine (49) lessons, each one helping your student comprehend Algebra better than the one before. You will also find the worksheets to be helpful and critical to your student’s knowledge of the subject. Each worksheet reinforces the learning that took place during the lesson, and gives them the opportunity to put the concepts to work for themselves.

I really love the way the DVD’s provide all my student needed to complete the lessons without needing any additional instruction from me. I homeschool my children, but do so as a working mom. I know this puts us in need of a very specific sort of curriculum. With that being said, I find it very crucial to utilize curriculum that fosters independent learning in my children. I also believe that independent learning in High School helps them prepare for college classes. Math Relief, Algebra 1 – Phase 1, by Keyboard Enterprises did just that. These were used with my daughter with whom math has always been the most difficult subject, and she loved Algebra by the end of the course.

I find that this course is priced well. There are too many times that curriculum is too high for what you get, but that isn’t the case here. The ALGEBRA I Budget plan: BASICS OF ALGEBRA is $39.95 for 7 DVDs & 3 CDs. Keyboard Enterprises did an outstanding job in putting this course together. Not only is it effective, but it was extremely easy for my student to use.  I didn’t receive the CD’s to print the worksehetsfrom, but was able to print out the worksheets for my student to use.

You will also find that there are two other phases to this course which will add even more to your student’s knowledge base.  Keyboard Enterprises went above and beyond with this amazing curriculum, and I have no doubt that you will find good use for it in your homeschool as well.

-Product review by Barbette Yingst, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2017