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Colton's Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream Review by Renita Kuehner

Rebecca Massey
Hancock Press
4007 Hunter Way
Fort Smith, AR 72903

We recently had the opportunity to review a book in the Colton’s Pocket Dragon Series, Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream, written by Rebecca Massey. This elementary-level, early chapter book was such a cute story to read together.

Rebecca Massey started out the Colton’s Pocket Dragon series in hopes of igniting children’s imagination in reading. There are nine books in the Colton’s Pocket Dragon series. This series is about a boy named Colton. He discovers an egg, which leads to high-flying adventures with his new pet-dragon friends. He gets to visit and sometimes have sleepovers in the exciting world of Dragonland. Throughout the series, he finds more eggs and must care for them, and then he has more dragon friends.

In Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream, Colton is asleep when his friend Kolta visits him to give him the disturbing news that two of his little dragon friends have disappeared and they need to find these little dragons so nothing bad happens to them. Of course, Colton is ready in a few moments, with cereal in hand, to help find his little friends. Caty closed her eyes and imagined herself flying through the keyholes in Colton’s house on Kolta’s back.

As all the dragons collect their dragonfly lanterns and get their watches set to meet back in Dragonland at a specific time, so Colton can be home before his parents wake up. One of their first adventures in Dragonland is when Colton and Kolta soon realize there are snow wolves following them. It is exciting to read and see if they escape from the wolves.

But the excitement is not over; next they encounter snowball throwing spiders. They hear sounds and try to discover what is making the noises they are hearing. Colton tries to climb all by himself without the help of his friend. He soon discovers that teamwork is so much better than trying to do everything by himself.

They discover that the little dragons are in an ice cave being held by two ugly beasts. Now they had to decide how to save their friends, by working together. Colton is with a fire-breathing dragon. The thrill continues as Colton and Kolta work to save the little dragons from the ice cave. Will they make it out of the cave and back to Dragonland before Colton’s parents realize that he is gone? You’ll have to read Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream to find out what happens.

I will admit that this is the first time I have ever read one of Rebecca Massey’s books. I am so impressed with the quality of the material she has written. It was so fun to sit and read this story with Caty. She enjoyed it so much, and the color illustrations throughout the story really helped to create an imaginative story in her mind. In fact, she wants to know if Colton and Kolta will have a television series anytime soon. We can’t wait to order the remaining books so that we can read the other adventures of Colton and Kolta.

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017