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Peel, Play & Learn: USA Wall Mat Play Set Review by Amanda Hopkins

Mona MELisa Designs

My kids love stickers. They love sticking them to the wall. They love trying to peel them off and trying to reapply them someplace else. However, we rent, so stickers and their residue on the wall is not a great thing. And many of the removable stickers will not stick to our textured walls. For the last four or more weeks, the Peel, Play & Learn: USA Wall Mat Play Set has been on our textured walls, without falling off!

This 24” x 40” main map of the USA and all the corresponding extra stickers are made of a fabric that is not going to tear; it will not rip when trying to take it off the main sheet. These stickers are even CLEANABLE! Yes, this means that when they get a little dog hair on the back because they fell on the floor, or when they have been peeled off a dirty wall, you can simply clean them with a little rubbing alcohol and they are just like new again!

Included with this set, you will find a map of the USA that has all the states outlined and the capitals listed. You have another sheet that has each state shape on its own that your child is able to remove and apply to the outlined map. Along with that are the names of all the states, which can be applied to the map. We also found a picture of what the state is most known for, either a landmark, crop, or export.

We have been using this with my third grader as he is studying the states for his history and geography this year. But his little sister loves to join in on the fun and wants to play with the stickers. We have been applying the new states as we learn about them. The states are not labeled, so we go to our map and look at the shape and compare the shapes. This is a fun adventure for both mom and son!

As we tried to add all the extras onto the map, we found out there really wasn’t enough room; we wanted a bigger map! We have had so much fun with this map, and we can’t wait to fill it all the way up. As soon as we memorize the names, we take them off so we can add in what the state is most known for. Even better is when we take the shapes off and try to make the map without the outline.

There are so many fun ways to use this map, I love watching the kids have fun with stickers that I know won’t leave behind a mess. I also love that these stickers stuck to our textured walls when nothing else would! Re-usable stickers that stick to textured walls! How can you not love that?

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017