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Hooked On Math: Master the Facts Review by Lisa Barthuly


This is a VERY nice math program! We started using it about five seconds after it entered the house - and have been enjoying it ever since!

This program is organized in the same fashion as its namesake - color-coded boxes for each level and the trusty, parents' "toolbox." Hooked on Math combines workbooks, flashcards, audio tapes, and GAMES, of course! Level 1 covers addition/subtraction of numbers 0-18, and Level 2 covers addition/subtraction of larger numbers and place value (and has some really neat play money that has sparked other interests such as tithes, counting allowances, and how much each extra chore pays!). Level 3 focuses on multiplication with music on the audiotape for this level by the "Multiplication Station," and Level 4 on division. (Gateway Learning also includes two "Math Blaster" CD-ROM games - one for the younger set, one for the older set - for those kiddos who love to learn through computer "play.")

The parents' toolbox includes a parents guide, all game pieces, reward posters, and stickers - so your child can track their own success! The parents' guide also gives all kinds of tips for enjoying the program together, such as playing the games as a family, and ideas for incorporating math into everyday life. Lyrics used on the audiotape for multiplication are at the back of the book along with an answer key. This program thoroughly covers all the math basics and makes it FUN! I would highly recommend it; it is organized, easy to follow, takes very little preparation, and you can tailor it to any learning style. Best of all, it makes math clear, easy to understand, FUN - and IT WORKS! I certainly don't remember math being this much fun when I learned it!

-- Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly, Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine