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COOP Scatter Dodgeball, Reactorz Soccer Ball, and Hydro Whistle Dart Review by Audrey Tolle

COOP Sports, SwimWays Corp.
5816 Ward Ct.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

It’s the time of year for picnics, barbeques, swim parties, and camping! Our family loves being outdoors and are always eager to play a game or join in an activity. We were excited to get to try out some of the products put out by COOP Sports and put them to the test as we gathered with friends and family over the last couple of months. We were able to play COOP Scatter Dodgeball, which is a fun twist on the classic dodgeball game. We were also able to play around with the Reactorz Soccer Ball and Hydro Whistle Dart, which brought many smiles and gathered people around to join in the fun.

The COOP Scatter Dodgeball is geared for 2-6 players, ages 5-15. The box includes a soft dodgeball, a foam die, and 12 colored wristbands, 2 of each color. Players start the game wearing their two designated colored wristbands. Players gather and roll the die and whoever’s bracelets match the color on the die is “it.” They pick up the dodgeball and throw it at the other players. If they hit them, they take one of their bracelets, but if the target player catches the ball, they take a bracelet of the one who threw the ball. The winner is the first player who collects a bracelet from each player.

This was a fun game for the kids. They were able to catch on relatively quickly with just a little parental oversite. We have a family of 8, and the game is geared for 6 or less, but we were able to team up with the little ones until they caught on how to play. The ball is very soft and can be thrown at someone without hurting them, which is a big plus when playing with varied ages of children. Overall, we heard lots of giggling, running, and squealing. After a couple of games, we had to establish a couple more rules to make it flow more easily and fairly and to keep kids from hiding behind objects the whole time. But overall, it was a hit. The game is very portable and will make its way to many gatherings this summer.

The COOP Reactorz Soccer Ball is an 8-inch ball that has an LED light inside that flashes with every kick, bounce, or throw. The ball is partially covered in a textured rubber shield that makes it easy to grip and kick. This was super fun to see the ball glowing in the dark during an evening soccer game. It has a lot of bounce to it and can easily be used as a basketball or playground ball for the kids as well. As promised, the ball lights up at each movement. The batteries are non-replaceable, but are still going strong after many hours of use. Once the batteries die, the ball will still be functional without the light up feature. The recommended age is 5+, but I thought it was the perfect ball to entertain my two-year-old as well.

The COOP Hydro Whistle Dart is a durable ball/dart that whistles as it flies through the air. It has a foam tail that helps correct spiral throws and makes the ball go farther. It is great for little hands and big hands alike and fits perfectly in your swim bag to take along to the beach or to the pool or just to toss around in the back yard.

Overall, we were impressed with the durability and affordability of the COOP Sports products that we tried and recommend them for recreational use for any family. We will keep these products in mind for gifts for our children and their friends in the future. We look forward to purchasing other COOP sports products in the future.

-Product review by Audrey Tolle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017