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Plant Therapy Kidsafe Starter Set Essential Oils Review by Charlotte Gochnauer

Plant Therapy
510 2nd Avenue S
Twin Falls ID, 83301

Essential oils can be very helpful to adults, but what about using them with children? This is where Plant Therapy can help, with their Kidsafe line of essential oil blends, called synergies. What is synergy? It is actually quite simple and is defined as the creation as a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. And that is exactly what this product is—a combination of different oils that come together to help certain symptoms.

I received six different blends, each 10 ml, or ⅓ of an ounce. Each blend is specific to and helps with different symptoms.

Calming the Child is just that, a synergy of oils that help to give a sense of serenity to young ones. Nighty Night can help children (and adults!) fall asleep faster. A+ Attention helps a child focus on their tasks and give attention to what they are doing. Immune Boom helps to boost and build your child’s immune system. Germ Destroyer protects against seasonal colds, and Sniffle Stopper helps to clear the nasal and respiratory tract from congestion.

These are concentrated drops that contain many ingredients. Some are more common like spearmint, lemon, and lavender. But reading the list on each bottle I saw ingredients like pink grapefruit, cedarwood, spruce, and marjoram. All these are meant to either be used in an oil diffuser or to be mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the skin. I also cracked open each bottle and took a whiff—some of the scents are pure loveliness!

Once I got these oils, I watched my kids like a hawk, eager to try one on them. After a few days, one of my teens needed to get to bed because of an early work schedule the next morning. I took the 6 drops of Nighty Night and diluted it in a teaspoon of olive oil. This I applied to her chest and back of her neck. She did feel like she slept better and really liked the scent of the blend.

Another time, my youngest had a headache. She actually struggles with headaches at times, so I decided to use Calming the Child on her. I took a few drops of grapeseed oil and mixed in 4 drops of the oil. I then applied this to the base of her neck and her temples. After about 15 minutes, she began to feel much better, and within an hour, her headache was gone.

During this time, I got a head cold which moved into my chest with a nice hearty cough. I mixed up some of the Sniffle Stopper with grapeseed oil and applied it to my chest. My cold lasted about the normal time, but I loved smelling the spruce and cypress in this lovely blend.

One thing I love about the bottles is that they not only have labels on the side, but the lids have a round label with the name of each synergy on the top. This makes it easy to store them standing up, and then makes it very easy to tell which bottle is which.

I really loved this product! And even though it is meant for children, I found myself using certain ones. Plant Therapy has many, many other synergies to choose from. There are also Singles, which are single oils to purchase. They also have synergies for adults with many to choose from. As I was looking over their website, I was also excited to see that they have all of their synergies in a diluted roll-on bottle.

I highly recommend Plant Therapy and their synergies. These are high-quality oil blends that are not only pleasant to smell, but also help with common ailments and complaints.

-Product review by Charlotte Gochnauer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017