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My Golden Ship Review by Jennifer Miller

Mary E. Ropes
Lampligher Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International
23 State street
Mount Morris NY 14510

My Golden Ship is a small, 127-page hardback book that is in Lamplighter’s Rare Collection Series. The editor shared that God himself helped him find these books! Originally published in 1882, the lessons in this story are just as applicable today. It is available from Lamplighter Publishing for $18.00.

My Golden Ship, by Mary E. Ropes, is a shorter Lamplighter book than most. However, it certainly isn’t short on lessons to be learned or adventures to discover. One of the main lessons in the story is overcoming envy, but there are many other things to learn, too. I think that is one reason why Lamplighter’s books are so fun to read over and over. Each time I read one, I discover or remember something that may not have stuck out to me before. Lamplighter books are usually perfect for any age reader, and this one fits that description. The story is mainly about one young boy, but the lessons present throughout the book can be applied to a person of any age. Older readers may learn more from the story, but it will still be an enjoyable and understandable book for younger children. This book is just as delightful as each of the other Lamplighter books I’ve read, and I’m sure I’ll read it again.

Lamplighter shares a commitment that each book installs moral values and a goal to inspire one to know God intimately and proclaim Him passionately.

—Product review by Jennifer Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017