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The Alabaster Box Review by Jennifer Miller

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley
Lampligher Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International
23 State street
Mount Morris NY 14510

Our family first discovered Lamplighter Books at a time when my girls were both starting to read voraciously and I was searching for wholesome books. These books are reprinted stories from decades ago, but the situations and lessons shared are timeless. Each book is a new treasure revealed as we read the pages.

The Alabaster Box is a 293-page cloth-covered hardback book available from Lamplighter Publishing for $27.00.

This story is placed in a small town and shows the lives of many people in the town. I loved seeing how the characters not only grew in their faith, but also in their trust with each other. This story shows the importance of honesty and forgiveness, also how it is easy to judge someone quickly when you know nothing about them. Miss Lydia Orr comes to the town and generously helps out the people. However, they misunderstand her intentions and judge her. She ignores their spiteful comments and continues to help wherever it’s needed. There is a little bit of mystery in this story and a lot of truth. I thought it was a really sweet book. Another thing that I really liked were the Bible verse references shared frequently in the story.

Assumptions and accusations can cause so much unnecessary pain. How much heartache could be avoided just by clear communication! This, like other Lamplighter stories, transcends time. In the ending of this story, truth is revealed, and even though the character’s actions are understood, the heartache caused by quick judgement reflects real life all too well.

Lamplighter also offers books and Lamplighter Theatre audio dramas as well as comprehension guides of many of their titles. Lamplighter shares a commitment to high standards, and this book is a beautiful example of that commitment.

—Product review by Jennifer Miller, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017