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N82 Tactical Hers Concealed Carry Holster Review by Tamara Dumont

N82 Tactical (pronounced Nate Squared Tactical)
472 Grimes Blvd.
Lexington NC 27292

For a woman, the hardest part of carrying a concealed firearm is finding a company that takes the needs of women seriously. Women’s bodies are different from men’s and, thus, require different considerations when carrying concealed. IWB (inside the waistband) holsters present two problems for a woman: they add the appearance of several unwanted pounds, and they irritate sensitive skin. Yet no one can deny that they are both the most hidden and the most accessible.

This holster is made from neoprene, backed with soft suede, and the strong waistband clip is connected to a thick elastic piece that holds the gun up to the neoprene. The Hers Concealed Carry Holster is designed to be worn inside your pants, where the weapon can be removed without taking the holster out. The suede backing also allows for just enough stability and grip to the skin without sacrificing breathability. The backing of the holster is large enough that no part of your weapon comes in contact with your flesh and remains flexible enough for even the most active of women. No sticky sweat between you and the holster, no extra clothes to protect your weapon, and neither bruises nor rub marks on your body after a day of activity.

This design may seem larger from other IWB holsters, but after wearing it for a whole month while riding horses, milking cows, shoveling manure, driving, and generally running around, I have found it to be the most comfortable IWB I own. There is an added bonus that the holster’s materials clean up nicely, so if you want to get dressed up, you can easily clean the holster up and wear it with a nice outfit. The design of the holster does not require a belt if you are wearing sturdy jeans, but softer and more flowing fabric will need some support. You won’t need your husband’s belt, though, as you really need nothing more than a fashion belt to provide a little more support; the suede back grips your skin and helps better than many other IWB holsters to stay in place.

The only issue that the Hers Concealed Carry Holster does not address is the issue evident in every woman’s on-the-body holster: it creates the appearance of “poundage.” I am not sure how it could be addressed, but I can say that I would rather look a few pounds heavier than not be properly equipped when I needed to be.

N82 Tacticals website has the Hers Concealed Carry Holster listed at $49.95, which is a fantastic value for such a comfortable IWB holster. While some women have shoe collections, I have quite a few firearm holsters, and this one will not be spending a lot of time in the basket.

-Product review by Tamara Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017