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VideoText Geometry Online Course Review by Sheila Quach

VideoText Interactive

Math is the one subject I second guess myself every single time a new concept needs to be taught to my children. Right now, I have a child in high school who finally sailed through her last algebra exam and is heading straight to geometry now. Since she is a visual hands-on learner, I knew that I needed to get her something instead of a simple workbook or text. Recently we have been using the VideoText Geometry Online Course with my daughter, Mahala, and let me just say, this Mama is breathing much easier these days.

I have to say when looking at math programs, I really needed to focus on what my child needed based on the way she learns best versus what I think would be an overall great math curriculum. This program ticks off all the boxes that are on her needs list. She needs simple, easy-to-navigate videos, diagrams, written-out notes, and someone else teaching her. VideoText Geometry Online Course covers all those and then some. Mahala needs to understand the reason why something equals XYZ, not just given a series of steps to repeat over and over. While watching her use this course, I have noticed how she has a very practical learning style about her. We were both pleased to feel very confident in the materials this course had to offer her and felt that they were a benefit and enhanced her learning experience.

Tom Clark is the Math Instructor in the videos, and he keeps things upbeat and surprising, not mono-toned and boring. The first few units cover the basics of geometry with the structure, terms, and fundamental theorems and then moves on to the super fun triangles, polygons, and circles. You will find that the progression of each concept is thoroughly explained with examples, course notes, animated videos and, of course, parent involvement and discussion.

Let me tell you how we used this geometry course. We were given two different login accounts, one for me as the teacher and then one for my student. I personally do not like having separate accounts, but I can see the benefit of having a separate login for students, especially since your child will be able to use this course mainly independently. Each time she would log in online to pull up the course notes and read through them, print them if needed for future reference. She likes to keep everything in a binder for final testing preparation. Afterward, she would complete the video along with me most days. We both were encouraged that these videos were never more than 10 minutes long, so it never felt old. After a quick discussion, she would complete the written work either on loose leaf paper or by printing it off the computer. Lucky for us, the solutions manual was just as easy to use as the rest of the program. And I felt confident in using the resources available to me. It’s very apparent that no question is too small; I only need to reach out to tech support by phone or email. That was very comforting, and knock on wood, I haven’t had to reach out yet, but I know that life line is available if I need it.

So, what did we think of VideoText Geometry Online Course, you ask? We were pleased, and even though math is not a favorite among us in this house, I can honestly say that Mahala is understanding what she is learning, not just to pass a test, but to literally be able to use what she’s learning in real life. We had some pretty interesting slices of pizza the other night, and might I add that you can make some pretty cool polygons with uncooked spaghetti noodles. We will definitely be continuing with this course, and I look forward to using it with the next kiddo coming up to the geometry plate in the next few years. If you have a child that gets lost in a textbook or cringes at the thought of one more workbook page, take a look at VideoText Geometry Online Course.

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017