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Wolf Howls (book) and Green Kids Club Toys: Play Tent, Sleeping Bag & Pillow, Maya, Victor, Backpack, and Eagle Review by Jennifer Do Nascimento

Green Kids Club
PO Box 50030
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405

Let me start by saying these toys are adorable! We received a tent ($10), sleeping bag and pillow ($7), Maya doll ($9), Victor doll ($9), an Eagle ($12), and a backpack ($4) that fits the dolls. The tent, sleeping bag, and pillow are also doll size. So cute! Victor and Maya are both about eight inches tall and are super soft. They have cute yarn hair and friendly embroidered faces. We also received a book ($7), Wolf Howls, which is a story about the children and an encounter in nature.

As a mom of three girls, it can be hard to find dolls that are appropriately dressed. And Barbie? Forget about it. These dolls, on the other hand, are dressed in T-shirts and knee-length shorts, which is how every kid should be dressed when they play outside! Their clothes are removable, but thankfully there is no tushy line on either doll.

Denali the eagle is about seven inches tall with a sixteen-inch wing span. The material his body is made from gives the impression of some mighty feathers.

Maya and Victor are a brother and sister duo who can talk to animals. They save animals and their ecosystems, which is precisely what our book was about; however, it starred Tiago, the youngest sibling. The three children belong to a club called Green Kids.

Wolf Howls is mainly about a wolf family. Zor, a father wolf, loses his son and mate when hunters come. After searching for days, Zor and the kids find the baby wolf, Jonah, and rescue him. Unfortunately, the mama wolf was never found. Yeah, it’s a bit sad, but that’s the way nature is sometimes, right? We only read the book a couple of times. Honestly, my kids just don’t like sad stories. At the back of the book are some fun wolf facts and pictures of real wolves. The story itself is illustrated.

However, as soon as we received our set in the mail, my five-year-old, Caroline (who loves all things out of doors), quickly snagged all the toys and headed out back. We have a huge pine tree not too far from the back porch. At the base of the pine is a sizeable dirt area. This dirt area is Caroline’s favorite play spot outside. She will sit in the shade of the tree and play for hours. Digging, building, pretending, talking to her dolls . . . you name it.

And these dolls were no exception. Maya and Victor have had many camping adventures under that tree. I’ve heard that Maya got lost a time or two and their trusty friend Denali had to find her by flying all around the yard. Don’t worry, Victor was able to rescue her just before a giant polar bear ate her (our Great Pyrenees, Sven.)

These are wonderfully fun toys that accomplish two things at once. First, they foster imaginative play, which is something our kids definitely need more of nowadays. Second, they (and their book) teach good stewardship of nature.

These plush toys have become favorites with three of my children. While I primarily thought of Caroline for this review, my six- and three-year-old have enjoyed playing with them as well, which works really well since there are three plush toys. Caroline brings the tent and all her accessories to her room each night and “puts everyone to bed” before she climbs in her own bed.

I anticipate Maya, Victor, and Denali having many more adventures in the future. I completely recommend these fun and loveable toys to all children. You can find all the toys and more on the Green Kids website.

-Product review by Jeniffer Do Nascimento, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017