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Get the Picture – Position & Direction Words (Primary Grades) Review by Wendi Kitsteiner

(Large Flash Card Set)
Lone Star Learning
PO Box 6606
Lubbock, TX 79493

Lone Star Learning’s “Get the Picture – Position & Direction Words” are for students in the primary grades, specifically students who are new readers or currently learning to read.

The set features 35 large flashcards. (They measure 11” x 4.25.) The cards are in full color and on coated card stock. Each card offers visual reminders of the location or direction of objects.

Each of the cards features a word with a visual clue to the word. Some examples include:

  • The word “around” written in a circle
  • The word “beginning” with a flag on the letter “b” that says “1st
  • The word “behind” sitting behind a glass jar
  • The word “far” sitting far away on the card

I used these cards with my five-year-old daughter who will be entering kindergarten in the fall. She is starting to read three- and four-letter words. The cards were large and very sturdy which is always good in a house filled with four young children. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed going through the cards and thought they were very fun. She felt “grown up” being able to read big words.

These cards could be used in a homeschool setting, or parents whose children are in school and in need of a little extra help in the reading department could use them with their student after school hours. Parents should note that these cards are designed to teach children words through sight-reading.

Each card also has a QR code that you can scan using your smartphone. This brings you to the Lone Star Learning website where the same word is featured in an animated setting. For example, using the examples above:

  • The word “around” is moving around in a circle
  • The word “beginning” has a flag that is moving
  • The word “behind” moves from left to right behind the glass jar
  • The word “far” is actually moving farther away on the phone.

These cards were simply a fun “extra” thing to do with my new reader. They are a high-quality product, and I look forward to using them with my three-year-old in the future as well.

-Product review by Wendi Kitsteiner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017