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Miss Brain's Cool Math Games for Kids in Grades 1-3 Review by Jennifer King

Kelly Pearson
Artful Math
P.O. Box 3137
Santa Clara, CA 95055

My oldest son hates math. I am not kidding. He absolutely hates it. And yet math is something we must do every day because, like it or not, it matters. For my son, it matters more than he really realizes. So, to try to avoid days of fighting and tears and struggles, I eagerly grabbed up this book! What could be better than games that help teach math after all?

You don’t need much to get started. Dice? Check. Decks of cards? Okay, since my oldest son began practicing card tricks, we didn’t have a full set, so I did have to go out to get a deck of cards especially for this, but most people have a full deck, right? You also need some coins, rubber bands, graph paper . . . really simple stuff that isn’t hard to come by at all, if you must go out at all to get these things.

Since we started using this book, I have been blessed with the opportunity to share with lots of people that my boys don’t really believe “I’m the Greatest” per se; rather it is one of the many games in the book. Super easy for all three to play! And since it is so easy for every one of them? Time to Level Up! This offers a bit more of a challenge so you can still play your favorite games even more.

My oldest son has a blast with Pigs in a Pen (amazing how fast he is getting those multiplication facts down now!) and Snacktions (what kid doesn’t love a game that includes snacks?). There are even printables since some games require special tools, and there is a free puzzle pack to download full of great mysteries and games to make you think and help you get even better at this fun kind of math.

There are fraction games and multiplication games. Count coins and race dollars. Struggles with addition? Draw pictures to help, write numbers, add on fingers, or count in your head. Not sure what some of these strange new words mean? There is a great little glossary in the back of the book that explains both in word and, in some cases, with visuals too. Math is so much fun with Miss Brain’s Cool Games! We have never had so much fun.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017