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Jessica's First Prayer Review by Amanda Hopkins

Hesba Stretton
Lampligher Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International
25 State St.
Mount Morris NY 14510

We love books in our house. Finding good books that have an interesting story, yet help build character, are hard to find. That is why we fell in love with the Lamplighter Collection from Lamplighter Publishing.

Jessica’s First Prayer, written by Hesba Stretton, is a lovely story of faith. We follow the small girl Jessica in this story. We are there when she first meets Daniel at his coffee stand, we are there when there are problems at home, and we are there as she learns about God, church, and prayer. We are there when her first prayer is answered.

This book is a great book to have in any Christian home! The writing may be of an older style, but the lesson and the story are so easy to understand that even my Little Miss (5yo) was crying at one point in this story. After using this as a read aloud for the kids, I have found it missing off the shelf many times as the kids sneak off with it to read over and over again.

Jessica’s first prayer is not what one would think it would be, considering her past and present situation, but that prayer made her future the brightest that it could ever be!

As with the other Lamplighter Collection books, this book was a hardcover book that was designed to represent the era in which the story took place. Not only did the children love this story, they fell in love with the simplicity of the book itself.

While this story was based on Jessica’s First Prayer, I am thankful that this was the first introduction into the world of Lamplighter Books. I recommend that you get this book into your Christian home as fast as you can. Read it to your kids and let them read it as often as they want! This book will always delight you as you read it!

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July 2017