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Shaken Bible Study Book and DVD: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms Review by Kelly Kiggins-Lund

Tim Tebow with A. J. Gregory
Waterbrook & Multnomah
10807 New Allegiance Drive Suite 500
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

My family members have long been Philadelphia sports teams’ fans for as long as I can remember, and my son has certainly inherited the love for those same teams. When we learned that Tim Tebow would be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, we were ecstatic. My son was thrilled because Tim is a great football player, and his Eagles needed help. I was thrilled because Tim Tebow is a good role model for children because he lives the faith he talks. Nowhere is this clearer than in his new Bible Study Series Shaken.

The Shaken Bible Study DVD is a four-part series in which Tim Tebow passionately shares his faith through personal stories, Bible stories, and Bible verses. In Session One: Who You Are, Tim asks thought-provoking questions. The main question is,“What defines you?” The main focus of this unit is that life is about whose you are and not who you are. In Session Two: When Storms Come, Tim talks about his favorite Bible story: David and Goliath. The point he wants students to get from this unit is that the God they serve is a big God who fights for them and with them no matter what they’re facing. In Session Three: Others Matter, Tim explains that everyone needs people who will stick by their side and share the truth with them as well as bestow grace upon them. He also reminds viewers that they need to be willing to be a good friend to others. Lastly, he reminds students that they need to be willing to be a little different to make an impact for God. Finally, in Session Four: A Legacy-Driven Life, the main point is that what truly matters is making a difference in people’s lives. The video segments range from 10-14 minutes in length.

The Shaken Bible Study Book is a great companion to the DVD. The book helps students of any age dig deeper. In a note from Tim, he invites readers to live a life of purpose, passion, and meaning based upon who they are in Jesus Christ. That is the basis for this entire study. The book also has four sections like the DVD. Section One: Who You Are is designed to help students find their identity in Christ so that their foundation cannot be shaken. Section Two: When Storms Come helps students learn to endure trials knowing that God has a plan to work in them and through them. Section Three: Others Matter was written to show the power of serving others and to help students learn how to connect with others in meaningful ways. Lastly, Section Four: A Legacy-Driven Life is designed to help students figure out what truly matters in the grand scheme of God’s plan. Each session starts with a Big Idea or learning point. Each section also asks a question for thought prior to watching the video segment. There is also a place in each unit to take notes during the movie segment with key points already written down. Next is a Talk About It section where students discuss questions that help them to think deeper about the subject matter. This is followed by a Wrap Up section that reiterates the key points of the lesson. Finally, there is a section for each student to complete on their own for further reflection, study, and action that is closed in a prayer. These lessons can be used in a small group setting, one-on-one for homeschool Bible lessons, or for personal growth.

I used the DVD and Bible Study Book with my son, who is sixteen years old and has a diagnosis of Autism. He was completely engaged in the DVD lessons. He liked hearing Tim speak with such passion. He enjoyed the series so much that he has asked to share it with two of the youth groups he attends as he feels other students his age would really benefit from these lessons as well. That speaks volumes to this mom’s heart. You truly couldn’t get a better endorsement. I, too, enjoyed the Bible Study because Tim does have a love for God and a desire to share that love with others. He speaks in a way that keeps the participant drawn in and wanting to know more. He also speaks humbly despite being a former professional quarterback for three major league teams, the founder of a charity foundation, a Heisman trophy winner, and a major league baseball player. Tim’s faith is real, and by the end of the Bible Study, you have no doubt as to whose he is.

-Product review by Kelly Kiggins-Lund, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017