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Hiding in Plain Sight Review by Jennifer King

LifeHouse Theater On-The-Air

We absolutely love history! We also really enjoy a good audio drama! So we were thrilled to have the chance to enjoy this one, from LifeHouse Theater On-The-Air.

This was a wonderful way to introduce the concepts of slavery in the history of this country. This is definitely a sensitive piece of our history—one that has many powerful lessons within it as well. Only 70 minutes long, we listened to this one again and again. My children could not get enough!

This true story is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Follow along with William and Ellen Craft in 1848. When you meet them, they are slaves on the plantation in Georgia, working and dreaming of freedom. My children were certainly in awe of the concept of slavery; they were sad for William and Ellen, then excited for their adventure and eager to see them free at last.

LifeHouse does such a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life. As you listen, you feel as though you know them, you dream right along with them, of their desire to be free. You feel their fear and their anticipation every step of the way when they finally determine to flee. Their amazing and ingenious plan shows the hand of God in their lives as again and again, in their escape, they meet danger and yet are saved.

Certainly, this tale is an excellent way to teach about God and His presence in the midst of us.  

There is even a curriculum guide you can download to go along with this story. This shows a timeline of slavery in American history. This also has questions to help review details of the story such as geographical locations mentioned throughout their journey. There are famous quotes and even discussion questions to encourage further thought on things like the Mason-Dixon Line and the Civil Rights Act—big things that help bring about big discussions.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017