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New American Cursive 3 (Scripture on Lessons & Manners) Review by Jennifer King

Iris Hatfield
Memoria Press
4603 Poplar Level Rd.
Louisville, KY 40213

My oldest son loves writing cursive; he is very artistic, so he loves how it just flows and curves. This certainly makes things easier for me because, with cursive, he actually looks forward to handwriting each day. As an added bonus, we were given the opportunity to review this wonderful book that encourages not just fun and beautiful handwriting, but also teaches lessons on manners and using the Word of God as he writes each day.

Written by a handwriting specialist, the first few pages help you to understand the value and importance of handwriting. You learn about the relationship between speed and fluency of handwriting, and also the hand-eye-brain coordination that is strengthened and so valuable for not just writing but many other things.

I loved being able to share with my son the three S’s of penmanship too: size, slant, and spacing! Wonderful and simple keys to use in daily writing. There is also discussion of the position of paper as you write also with the value of posture and pencil position. This is definitely more than just writing letters!

My son began with reviewing the alphabet, then tracing simple sentences and letters and words. There are practice pages, Bible verses, fun exercises, art pages, communication exercises. Journal writing is also encouraged, and since my son recently began notebooking, we enjoyed being able to combine these both.

As you progress through this book, there are evaluations to complete. Students are encouraged to be detectives of handwriting, challenging them with exercises that encourage exploring and stretching their abilities so as to improve themselves. This was probably my favorite part of this program.

I appreciated all the copywork within the pages; it is so important that we think on things that are good and beautiful and pure. So are all of the materials chosen for our children to write in each lesson. Each lesson also includes artistic opportunities:to draw a picture of being kind or of a favorite place.

With 100 lessons, each lesson taking about 15 minutes, this is a fun way to encourage and teach handwriting and so much more. Have a great time learning the letter house, and using smiles, grins, and jumps to perfect your handwriting.

 -Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017