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African Safari: A-Z Cursive Penmanship – Digital Download Review by Leslie Talley

LightHome Publications sold via CurrClick

The A-Z Cursive Penmanship titledAfrican Safari is a digital download available through but published by LightHome Publications. This digital download comes with 108 pages, but the last 8 pages are not a part of the workbook. They are ads for other digital downloads and information about the author. Included in the 100 pages of workbook pages are copywork pages for each letter of the alphabet, a corresponding coloring page featuring an African animal for most of the letters, 27 extra lined pages with four line sizes, three drawing lessons, six crossword puzzles, a picture puzzle, a word search puzzle, two mazes, and five additional word puzzles. The first two pages and the last 8 are in color, but everything in between is black and white. It can be easily printed at home or through your local office supply store. This is a complete penmanship workbook that can be used alone but was intended to go with a unit study also provided by CurrClick, called African Safari Unit Study. The cost for the African Safari cursive penmanship digital download is $9.80.

I chose to have this workbook printed and spiral bound through our local office supply store. It was under $4.00 and would have been cheaper had I realized the last 8 pages were just ads. I printed it in black and white, and everything came out clear and easy to read. I also chose to have it printed one-sided so that the coloring pages didn’t bleed through to the other side once colored on. This workbook is intended for grades 3-8. I printed this workbook for my sixth grader to use as a refresher. This workbook is great for homeschoolers and on-the-go learning.

I liked the workbook because the layout is thorough and in order. The coloring pages are clear and easy to color. My child thought it was difficult and felt like the words chosen were too long. I think that it was great practice for her because it forced her to concentrate on each letter and take her time. She enjoyed having something fun to color in between writing. I also like that each copywork page is an educational sentence or paragraph pertaining to the coloring page that follows. The copywork page also has a picture included which gives it a fun visual. The copywork pages didn’t have enough space for how long some of the copywork was, and on a few pages, she ran out of room. More space would be nice. A warning about how many pages of ads at the back of the book would be nice too; 8 extra pages is a lot of wasted paper and ink.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a thorough penmanship practice or review workbook. It is fun and educational. I would buy it if it weren’t already in my possession. There are many other themes available through CurrClick that offer the same style of cursive workbooks, so when you’ve finished one, you can move on to another.

-Product review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017